Ancient Coinage of Crete, Priansos

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SNG Cop 548Crete, Priansus. AE 17. Head of Artemis right with hair rolled / ΠΡIANΣIEΩN, Date palm between dolphin and rudder. SNG Cop 548. Sear 3372 var.TextImage
Svoronos 3Crete, Priansus AR Stater. ca 330300 BC. Persephone(?) enthroned left, feeding snake that approaches from left, palm tree on right / ΠΡIAN-ΣEΩN, Poseidon standing left, extending right hand below dolphin leaping left, and cradling trident in left arm. Le Rider 20. TextImage
Svoronos 12Crete, Priansos. Circa 330-270 BC. AR Drachm. Head of Artemis(?) right / Date-palm flanked by dolphin and rudder. SNG Cop 547. TextImage
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