Ancient Coinage of Galatia, Kings, Amyntas

[RPC 3501]

Amyntas, King of Galatia 36-25 BC; also ruler of Lacaonia, Isaura and Cappadocia

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BMC 9Galatia, Kings of. Amyntas. 36-25 BC. AE 24mm. Head of bearded Herakles right, club over shoulder / BAΣIΛEΩΣ AMYNTOY, lion walking right. SNG Cop 96. TextImage
BMC 13Amyntos, King of Galatia, 36-25 BC, AE 11,80g. E-G, bearded bust of Herakles right, club over shoulder / Lion walking right, B (= Basileus) above, XOΛ monogram below. BMC 13; SNG France 3, 2378; RPC I 3505.TextImage
BMC 15Amyntas, King of Galatia. 36-25 BC. Head of Artemis right, bow and quiver over shoulder / BAΣIΛE-ΩΣ above, AMYNTOY below, stag standing right. SNG France II, 2365ff; SNG Cop. 100; BMC 15; SNG von Aulock 6110; Hoover HGC 784; RPC I 3503.TextImage
RPC_3501Kingdom of Galatia, Amyntas AR Tetradrachm. 36-25 BC. Helmeted head of Athena right / BAΣI-ΛEΩΣ AMYN-TOY, Nike advancing left, holding scepter adorned with diadem. SNG France 2344, SNG Cop 94, BMC 5. TextImage
Sear #5694Kingdom of Galatia, Amyntas AE 19mm. 36-25 BC. Head of Herakles right, club over shoulder / BAΣIΛEΩΣ AMYNTOY, lion stalking right. SNG Cop 99, RPC 3502.
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