Ancient Coinage of Cilicia, Lalassis

An inland town of Cilicia Tracheia, closely linked to Olba and Kennatis. Coins from Lalassis are extremely rare. Mionnet lists only 2 (below), Von Aulock 1 (below) and Imhoof 1 (a coin of Domitian in Klagenfurt museum).

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Mionnet III, 7Lalassis, Cilicia, AE20, 4.07 g. Turreted head of Tyche right, palm branch behind head / ΛAΛAΣΣEΩN, cornucopiae, triquetra in field. Mionnet III, 7 (this coin); Paris 675B.TextImage
Mionnet III, 8Lalassis, Cilicia, AE18, 3.17 g. ΛAΛAΣΣ ENTIM, Demeter standing left, holding corn-ears and cornucopiae / ΛAΛA, Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae. Mionnet III, 8 (under Isauria, this coin); Paris 675C.TextImage
SNG vA 5695Lalassis, Cilicia. AE17, Dichalkon, 3.20 g. AD 1-100. ΛAΛAΣΣEΩN, Aphrodite, naked to waist, standing left, holding flower and sceptre / ΔICAΛKON, scorpion. SNG von Aulock 5695 (this coin) = SNG Levante 563.TextImage