Ancient Coinage of Epeiros, Kings, Alexander The Molossian

Alexander I, the Molossian, King of Epiros 350-331 BC.

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Vlasto 1864Calabria. Alexander the Molossian (in Italy ca. 334333 BC) AV Litra (0.66 gm). Radiate head of Helios inclined slightly to left / ΑΛΕΞ above & below thunderbolt. SNG ANS 976. Vlasto 18641865. TextImage
Vlasto 1873Alexander the Molossian. King of Epeiros, 350-330 BC. AR Diobol. Struck circa 333-331/0 BC. Radiate head of Helios facing slightly left / AΛEXANΔΡOY TOY NEOΠTOΛEMOY, thunderbolt. Vlasto, Alexander, type 8; Vlasto 1873-1874; Jameson 1123. TextImage
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