Ancient Coinage of Apulia, Salapia

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Artemide LVII, 63Salapia, Apulia. AE16.5 civic issue. 225-210 BC. Magistrate Plutios. ΣAΛ beneath helmeted head of Athena right, wearing Corinthian helmet, star behind head. / Club and ΠΛΩ to left and right of owl standing right, head facing. Unpublished, (Third known). Artemide Asta LVII, 63.TextImage
BMC 4Salapia, Apulia, AE litra of Salapia, 3rd C. BC. 8.54 g. CAΛΠI-NΩN above and beneath horse standing right, raising foreleg. BΩ above horse's back. / ΔAΞENI ΔAMAIΡE above and beneath dolphin swimming right. BMC 4; SNG ANS 733; type HN Italy 687.TextImage
BMC 6Salapia, Apulia. 3rd cent. BC. AE 16-22 mm, 6.55 g. Horse running right / Dolphin swimming left, legend below. BMC Italy, 6; SNG UK X, 221.TextImage
BMC 10APULIA, Salapia. ca 225-210 BC. AE Obol. ΣAΛAΠINΩN, laureate head of Apollo right / ΣAΛΠ-INΩN beneath horse prancing right, star above. TextImage
HN Italy 685Salapia, Apulia (Ca 275-270 B.C.) AE 19mm. 7.21g. ΔAIOY above horse standing right, front left foreleg raised. A beneath / ΣAΛΠ-INΩN beneath dolphin left. cf BMC 5; HN Italy 685.TextImage
HN Italy 685vSalapia, Apulia (Circa 275-270 B.C.) AE 19mm. 7.21g. ΔAIOY above horse standing right, front left foreleg raised. A beneath / ΣAΛΠNΩ beneath dolphin left. BMC 5 var; HN Italy 685 var (direction of dolphin).TextImage
HN Italy 687vSalapia, Apulia, c. 275-250 BC. AE20mm, 8.61g. ..ΣAΛΠ above, ΣAΛ beneath horse stepping right / Dolphin right. HN Italy 687 var (obv. legend).TextImage
HN Italy 692bSalapia, Apulia, c. 275-250 BC. AE20mm, 7.73g. ΣAΛAΠINΩN, Laureate head of Apollo right; quiver at shoulder / ΠYΛΛOY beneath horse prancing right; trident above. HN Italy 692b; SNG ANS 734-735.TextImage
HN Italy 820Apulia, Samadion (or Salapia), 3rd c. BC. AE16, 2.38 gr. Head of Athena right wearing crested Corinthian helmet / Four crescents back to back. Rutter HN 820 corr (Athena head right, not left). TextImage
SNG ANS 739Salapia, Apulia. AE21, ca 225-210 BC. Magistrate Trodantios. 5.22 g. ΣAΛAΠINΩN, laureate head of Apollo right, quiver over shoulder. / TΡOΔA-NTIOY beneath horse galloping right, palm branch above. SNG ANS 739; HN Italy 692b.TextImage
SNG Cop 686vApulia, Salapia. Circa 225-210 BC. AE 14mm. Head of Pan right; pedum over shoulder / Hawk standing right on Ionic capital; star behind, ΠYΛΛOY before. Rutter, HN 693 var. TextImage
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