Ancient Coinage of Eastern, Transylvania

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CCCBM 60Celtic, Transylvanian Plains. ca Late 2nd to Early 1st Century BC. AR Tetradrachm. Laureate head of Zeus right / Horse left, 'sun' above. TextImage
Gobl 254 Celtic, Transylvanian Plains. Circa 2nd-1st Century BC. AR Tetradrachm (10.89 gm). Imitating Alexander III / Philip II of Macedon. Stylized head of Herakles right / Horseman right. CCCMB I, S67; Göbl 254. Text Image
Gobl 269Eastern Celts, Transylvanian Plains region. 2nd-mid 1st Century BC. Billon Tetradrachm (6.99 gm). Stylized linear head of Zeus right / Stylized horse with vestigal rider; in dotted border. CCCBM I S73; Kostial 573; Göbl OT 269. Text Image
Text Image
Gobl 269.9Scyphate Imitations from the Transylvanian Plain, base silver tetradrachm. Wächsender Durchmesser type. Greatly devolved head of Zeus right / Celticized horse left, rosette of pellets above back, pellet in ring under belly. BMC Celtic 62-63. Cf Kostial 577-578.TextImage
Gobl 450A.1Scyphate Imitations from the Transylvanian Plain, AR Tetradrachm of Ringelkopfreiter type. Celticized head of Zeus right, with laurel wreath represented by two rows of pellets & hair by herringbone pattern / Celticized horse right, above back, head & torso of rider with four locks of hair rising from head. Kostial 565v. Text Image
Paris 9605Celtic, Transylvania. AR tetradrachm, curved bell metal. Celticized head of Zeus right, with hanging lower lip, wide collar, all within border of dots / Celticized horse right, rider represented by a crescent on narrow stem, mane represented by 7 dots; club below, PVI to right. Paris 9605-9608.TextImage
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