Ancient Coinage of Seleucia, Achaios

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SNGIs 835Achaeus, 220-214 BC, AE17, (3.54g) Sardes Mint, Head of Apollo right. / Eagle standing right, grain ear behind, no symbol to right. TextImage
SC Ad204Achaeus, 220-214 BC, AE18, (4.1g) Sardes Mint, Laureate head of Zeus right. / BASILEWS A(CAIOU), above (around) eagle with open wings, standing facing on wreath. TextImage
WSM 1440cfSeleucid Kingdom, Achaeus AR Tetradrachm. 220-214 BC. Sardes mint. Diademed, draped bust of Achaeus right, with short, curly beard / BASILEWS AXAIOY, Athena Promachos, viewed from behind, advancing left, brandishing spear in raised right hand & holding shield with anchor device on left arm, horse's head left in inner left field. TextImage
WSM 1447Achaios, Seleukid Kingdom, AE18, Sardes mint, 220-214 BC. 3.79 gr. Laureate head of Apollo right / BASILEWS ACAIOU, Eagle standing right, with palm branch over left shoulder. Newell, WSM 1447; SC 955.1b.TextImage
Sear #6963Seleukid Kingdom, Achaios (220-214 BC) AE17. Laureate head of Apollo right / BASILEWS AXAOY, eagle standing right. TextObvRev
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