Ancient Coinage of Britain, Atrebates, Epaticcus

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Seaby 356British Celts, Epaticcus, c. 25-35 AD, AR unit. EPATI, Head of Hercules right / Eagle facing, wings open, head left. Van Arsdell 580-1; Nash 212.
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VanArsdell 580English Celts, Atrebates, Epaticcus, 35-43 AD, AR Unit. EPATI, bust right, wearing lionskin headdress, border of dots. / Eagle standing, head turned left, wings spread, dot in circle above, serpent in claws. VA 580-1; BMC 2024-2293; Seaby 356.TextImage
VanArsdell 581Celtic Britain, Atrebates, Epaticcus AR Unit. EPATI, bust right in animal skin headdress, dot in circle behind / Eagle with spread wings standing three-quarters right on snake, head left, dot in circle in upper right field. Hobbs 2024ff. VA 580–1. TextImage
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