Ancient Coinage of Baktria, Kings, Apollodotos II

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Bop 3BApollodotos II. Circa 80-60 BC. AR Tetradrachm. Western Punjab mint. Diademed & draped bust right / Athena Alkidemos, holding shield & thunderbolt left; monogram to left. SNG ANS 1570-1572. TextImage
Bop_3CBaktria, Apollodotos II AR Tetradrachm. Bilingual series. BASILEWS MEGALOU SWTHROS KAI FILOPATOROS APOLLODOTOU, diademed & draped bust right / Maharajasa tratarasa Apaladatasa in Karosthi, Athena Alkidemos advancing left, brandishing thunderbolt in right hand, aegis draped over extended left arm; monogram to lower left & right. SNG ANS 1573. TextImage
MIG_209AcfIndo - Greek Kings, Apollodotos c.180 - 160 BC. AE-Hemiobol. Radiate Apollo standing facing, holding a bow and arrow / Tripod. TextImage

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