Ancient Coinage of Paphlagonia, Abonoteichos-Ionopolis

Abonoteichos, on the coast of Paphlagonia. The town's name was changed during Antoninan times to Ionopolis. It was the site of a 2nd-century AD temple of Apollo. The coins of this city are quite rare.

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RecGen 8Antoninus Pius, AE29 of Abonuteichus, Paphlagonia. AD 138-161. 16.89 g. AYT KAICAR ANTWNEINOC, bare head right / ABONOTEIXEITWN GLYKWN, the coiled serpent Glykon, bearded and with long hair, head right. RecGen 8; BMC 1; Babelon 9 (RN 1900); RPC IV, 4881.TextImage
Dalaison 28Lucius Verus, AE 26 of Abunoteichos-Ionopolis, Paphlagonia. AD 161-169. AV KAC L AVRH OVHROC, laureate head right / IWNOPOLEITWN, bust of Serapis right, kalathos on head. Dalaison 28; Kovacs 12; Gamberini coll. 182.TextImage
RecGen 17Lucilla, AE20 of Ionopolis, Paphlagonia. AD 164-182. LOYKILLA CEBACTH, draped bust right / IWNOPOLEITWN, Artemis walking right, holding bow, reaching for an arrow from the quiver behind her shoulder. Mionnet II, 4; Paris FG 486; Waddington 15; RecGen 17; Dalaison 29.TextImage
RecGen 15Geta as Caesar, AE21 of Ionopolis, Paphlagonia. AD 198-209. L CEP GETAC KAI, bare-headed, draped, cuirassed bust right / IWNOPOLEITWN, the coiled serpent Glykon on an ornate base, head right. Dalaison 31; Paris 487; Waddington 17; RecGen 15.TextImage
RecGen 16Severus Alexander, AE21 of Ionopolis, Paphlagonia. AD 222-235. M AVR CEVH ALEXANDROC AVG, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / IWNOPOLEITWN, Ionopolis, turreted and draped, seated left, holding patera and feeding the serpent Glykon which is entwined around her. Dalaison 34; Paris 488; Waddington 142; RecGen 16.TextImage
RecGen 18Trebonianus Gallus, AE28 of Abonuteichos-Ionopolis, Paphlagonia. 10.16 g. BEIBI TREB GALLOC, radiate, cuirassed bust left, holding spear and shield / IWNOPOLEI-TWN, coiled serpent (Glykon) with head left. RecGen 18; Paris K 993; Waddington 20; Moustier 3111; Dalaison 41.TextImage

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