Ancient Coinage of Alaisa, Sicily

There were two Sicilian towns named Alaisa: Alaisa Aitnaia (for which only one issue is known) and Alaisa Archonidea.

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BMC 6Alaisa, Sicily c.340 BC. AE-21. Griffin springing to left / Horse prancing left. TextImage
Calciati Aitnaia 1Alaisa Aitnaia, Sicily. AE21 Tetras. Ca 354-344 BC. 6.3 g. AΛAIΣINΩN, horned head of river-god right / Eight-rayed star. Calciati Aitnaia 1; Hoover HGC 181; Campana 2; SNG ANS 1306.TextImage
Calciati 1Alaisa Archonidea, AE22 dilitron, ca 325 BC. 16.69 g. AΛAIΣAΣ, female head right, hair in a sphendone / Herakles striding right, holding bow and raised club. Calciati II, 1; SNG Morcom 542; Hoover HGC 190. TextImage
Calciati 2 varAlaisa Archonidea, Sicily. AE22. 241 BC. 6.63 g. Laureate head of Zeus left / AΡX AΛAIΣAΣ, eagle standing left, wings spread, uncertain symbol in left field. Calciati 2 var (symbol); Hoover HGC 192; SNG Morcom 543.TextImage
Calciati II, 2Alaisa Archonidea, Sicily, AE17. 400-350 BC. 3 g. AΛAIΣAΣ, head of Artemis left, quiver over shoulder / ARX, Apollo kneeling right, drawing bow. Calciati II, 2; Hoover HGC 196.TextImage
Calciati 3Alaisa Archonidea, Sicily. AE 17. Ca 208-186 BC. 2.85 g. Crowned head of Dionysos left; YE monogram behind head / AΛAIΣAΣ AΡX, Warrior standing facing, leaning on spear, cornucopiae in left field. Calciati 3-4; Hoover HGC 202.TextImage
Calciati II, 3Alaisa Archonidea, Sicily. AE15. 325317 BC. 2.76 g. AΛAIΣAΣ, female head right, wearing sphendone / Bull's head facing. Calciati II, 3; Hoover HGC 205.TextImage
Calciati 7Alaisa Archonidea, Sicily. AE 19. Ca 200 BC. 4.8 g. Laureate head of Apollo right / AΛAIΣAΣ, Apollo standing left, holding filleted laurel branch and resting hand on lyre; angled XAR monogram to left. Calciati 7; Hoover HGC 199; Virzi 742.TextImage
Calciati 8Alaisa Archonidea, Sicily. AE16. after 204 BC. 3.23 g. Laureate head of Apollo left / AΛAIΣAΣ AΡX, lyre, cornucopiae in left field. Calciati I, 8; Hoover HGC 197.TextImage
Calciati 11Alaisa, Sicily, after 263 BC. AE 12mm. Head of Apollo left; border of dots / AΛAIΣA AΡX, Bunch of grapes; bucranium below left. Gabrici 15, Calciati 11 RS 1.TextImage
Calciati 12Alaisa, Sicily (Symmachy Coinage). Time of Timoleon, 343-341 BC. AE 28mm, Litra. Head of Sicily right / Lighted pine torch between two grain ears. TextImage
Calciati 13Alaisa, Sicily (Symmachy Coinage). Time of Timoleon, 344-336 BC. AE Hemilitron. ΠEΛΩΡI retrograde, head of Pelorias left, in triple-pendant earring & necklace, hair bound in ampyx & sphendone decorated with a star / ΣYMMACIKON, torch between two grain ears. Calciati II, 13; Antikenmuseum Basel 274; SNG Cop -; Laffaille 113; Virzi 737-738; Hoover HGC 187 (this coin). TextImage
Calciati 14Alaisa Archonidea, Sicily, AE27 Litra. 340-330 BC. 30.51 g. AΡXAΓETAΣ, laureate head of Apollo Archagetas left / ΣYMMAXIKON, torch between two grain ears. Calciati 14; SNG Munich 211; Hoover HGC 186 (this coin).TextImage
Calciati 60Alaisa, Sicily, AE19, after 241 BC, 5.22 gr. Head of Apollo right / Apollo standing left, lyre to right, monogram in left field. Calciati 60.TextImage
SNG ANS 1169ffSicily, Alaesa. Circa 340 BC. AE 20mm (3.59 gm). Griffin running left / Horse galloping left, bridle trailing; KAINON in exergue. TextImage
SNG ANS 1178Sicily, Alaesa. AE24. 4th BC, Griffin flying left, locust below / Horse prancing left, star above. TextImage
SNG Cop 132Alaisa, Sicily, ca. 340 BC. AE Litra. Head of Apollo left / Lighted torch with barley stalks both sides. TextImage
SNG Cop 135Alaesa, Sicily AE19 Ca 241 BC, 5.2 gr. 19.31 mm. Laureate head of Zeus left / AΡX AΛAIΣAΣ to left and right of eagle standing left with wings spread. SNG Cop. 135; cf. BMC 2.TextImage
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