Ancient Coinage of Lycaonia, Lystra

A market town in a wild district of south central, modern-day Turkey. There was a temple to Zeus near the gates of the city, and a statue of Hermes dedicated to Zeus has been found here.

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RPC 3538Augustus, AE26 of Lystra, Lycaonia. IMPE AVGVSTI, Laureate head left, cornucopiae behind / COL IVL FEI GEM LYSTRA, Colonist ploughing left with two oxen. RPC I 3538.TextImage
RPC 3539Augustus, AE24 of Lystra, Lycaonia. 9.17 g. 27 BC - AD 14. IMPE AVGVSTI (sometimes partially retrograde), laureate head left (no cornucopiae behind head) / COL IVL-FEL CEM (or GEM) in two lines above, LYSTRA beneath colonist ploughing left with two oxen. RPC I 3539.TextImage
RPC 3540Augustus, AE of Lystra, Lycaonia. 5.94 g. IMP AVG, laureate head right / CERERIS, Ceres, seated left before altar, holding corn-ears, poppies and torch. RPC 3540; Von Aulock 3.TextImage
RPC 1606Titus, AE18 of Lystra, Lycaonia. AD 79-81. 5.54 g. IMP T CAE AVG VESPA, laureate head left / COE IVL LVS, helmeted, draped, male head left, two spears behind head. RPC 1606; Paris 74 (this coin); Waddington 4791; SNG France III, 2325.TextImage
RPC 1606
Titus (79-81), Lystra, Lycaonia, AE18 4.3g. IMP T CAES AVG VESPA, laureate head right / COL IVL LVS, helmeted bust of Athena left. RPC 1606 var (bust direction), Frank Kovacs sale XVI lot 267.TextImage
RPC S2 1606ATitus, AE18 of Lystra, Lycaonia. 4.2g. IMP T CAE AV VESPA, laureate head right / COE IVE LVS, helmeted, draped, male head left, two spears behind head. RPC S2 1606A (this coin).TextImage
Aulock Lyk. 518Marcus Aurelius, AE16 of Lystra, Lycaonia. 4.4 g. AD 139-161. CAESAR AVRELIVS, bare head right / COL AVG E LVSTRA, she-wolf standing right, suckling the twins Romulus and Remus. Aulock Lykaonien 518; RPC online 7265. (COIN STOLEN - see text file).TextImage
Lindgren III 740Marcus Aurelius AE27 of Lystra, Lycaonia. 8.4 g. IMP CAES M AVX ANTONINOS, laureate, draped bust right / COL IVL FEL GEM LVSTRA, colonist ploughing left with two oxen. Lindgren III 740 (this coin); Paris 75; SNG France 3, 2326; Imhoof MG 121; Mabbott 2101.TextImage
Aulock 1Faustina II, AE of Lystra, Lycaonia. 4.59 gr. FAVSTINAE AVGVSTAE, draped bust right / COL IVL LVSTRA, Tyche, modius on head, standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae. RPC online 7267; Von Aulock (1972) 517, 1.TextImage

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