Ancient Coinage of Thraco Macedonian Tribes, Bisaltae

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AMNG_3Thraco-Macedonian Tribes, The Bisaltai AR Oktodrachm. 475-465 BC. C-IΣ-A-Λ-T-I-K-ΩN, horseman, in chlamys & petasos, & holding two spears, leading horse right; EM monogram on horse's rump / Quadripartite incuse square. Raymond 2. TextImage
AMNG_8Thraco-Macedonian Tribes, The Bisaltai(?). Mosses. Circa 470 BC. AR Drachm. Horseman, in chlamys & petasos, & holding two spears, leading horse right / MO-Σ-ΣE-Ω around square within shallow incuse square. SNG ANS 1016 (Paeonia). TextImage
Moushmov 6155Bisalti, Thraco-Macedonian Tribe, AR Octadrachm. 475-465 BC, C-IΣAΛT-IK-Ω-N, Naked male hunter, holding two spears, standing right on far side of bridled horse right. / Shallow quadripartite incuse square, small raised square at centre. TextImage
Svoronos 13Thraco-Macedonian Tribes, The Bisalti. ca 460 BC. AR Tetradrachm. Warrior on horseback right, carrying lance / Quadripartite incuse square. Raymond 8.TextImage
Svoronos 16Thraco-Macedonian Tribes, The Bisalti. Circa 480 BC. AR Oktadrachm. Bridled horse walking right; behind is a young man in a petasos holding two spears pointed forward / Quadripartite incuse. SNG Ashmolean 2242; Raymond pl. 2, 5. TextImage
Sear SG 1318Bisalti, Thraco-Macedonian, AR Octodrachm. 475-465 BC. C ISALTIK W N, naked male hunter, wearing causia, holding two long spears, torso facing, standing right on far side of bridled horse right, on dotted exergual line. / Quadripartite incuse square, lightly granulated. Sear 1318; Topalov 33; AMNG III-2, 4-7; SNG Ashmolean 2242TextImage
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