Ancient Coinage of Gaul, Treviri

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DLT_8825Belgic Gaul, Treviri AV Stater. ca 6030/25 BC. Celticized profile eye with pupil represented by star within circle, two stars & globule in front, above upper lid a row of pellets, herringbone pattern, & solid line above which three stars, beneath lower lid a twisted line, solid line & zigzag / POTTINA, Celticized horse rearing left, in upper field star, V with dotted border, & cross with four annulets between arms, pellet-cross under belly, star under tail. Scheers 230-231. TextObvRev
DLT_8852Gallic Celts, Treviri, 15. 1st century BC, Head of female right, hair bound up at back / AIDA Bull standing to right, head facing, boar below. TextObvRev
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