Ancient Coinage of Gaul, Treviri

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CCCBM 412Celtic, Northeast Gaul, Treviri, Potin unit. 18 mm, 4.46 g. ca 100-50 BC. Crude head left. / Boar standing left, fleur-de-lis resembling a cross below. D&T 227; Depeyrot, NC VII, 144; CCCBM III 412.TextImage
CCCBM 514Celtic, Northeast Gaul, Treviri, AR quinarius. ca. 52 BC. 1.72 g. Male head left, the eye and mouth denoted by large dots, the hair as two S-shaped strands. / Celticized horse right surrounded by dots. CCCBM 514-515; Scheers, Traité, 341; DT 199.TextImage
DLT 8825Belgic Gaul, Treviri AV Stater. ca 60–30-25 BC. Celticized profile eye with pupil represented by star within circle, two stars & globule in front, above upper lid a row of dots, herringbone pattern, & solid line above which three stars, beneath lower lid a twisted line, solid line & zigzag / POTTINA, Celticized horse rearing left, in upper field star, V with dotted border, & cross with four annulets between arms, dot-cross under belly, star under tail. Scheers 230-231. TextImage
DLT 8849Celtic, Northeast Gaul, Treviri area, AE15. 80-50 BC. 2.76 g. Male head right, ARDA before. / ARDA above Horse right, large X below. DeLaTour 8849; DT 610; Scheers 30a.TextImage
DLT 8852Celtic, Gaul, Treviri, AE13. 51-49 BC. Romanized female head right. / ARDA above bull right, boar right below. DeLaTour 8852; Scheers 30a; BN Paris 8852.TextImage
DLT 9383Celtic, Northeast Gaul, Treviri area, AR Quinarius or denarius. 80-50 BC. 13 mm, 1.53 g. Man crouching left, twisted hair, arrow or attached 4-armed figure in chest, two serpents around, dogbone under rump. / Horse left, head detached from body, crescent, dumbbell and dots above. DeLaTour 9383; DT 201; Scheers London 1068; Scheers D. 260; Scheers 53 Marberg type.TextImage
DLT 9396Celtic, Northeast Gaul, Treviri region, AR denarius or quinarius. 80-50 BC. 1.71 g. Male figure dancing, kicking up one leg, his left arm raised, holding a torc and holding a long grain stalk to his mouth with his right. / Horse standing right, head turned left. DeLaTour 9396; DT 206; Scheers 349; Lambert II, 1864, pl.IV, 18; CCCBM 524.TextImage
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