Ancient Coinage of the Rhine Valley

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DLT 9433Celtic, Rhine Valley Area. Circa 1st Century BC. AV Stater, 7.21 g. Regenbogenschüsselchen. Hawk's head with dots within a wreath-like torc with dots-in-ring ends / Pyramid of four dots within torc with dots at the ends; lines along one edge. De la Tour 9433; Allen-Nash 155.TextImage
DLT 9454Celtic, Rhine Valley Area. Circa 1st Century BC. AV Scyphate quarter stater, 1.86 g. Regenbogenschüsselchen. Circular raised area, eye, nose and lips around the rim. / Cross-shaped four-pointed star within concave incuse. De la Tour 9454; Dembski 464.TextImage
DLT 9455 varCeltic, Rhine Valley Area. Circa 1st Century BC. AV Stater, 7.55 g. Regenbogenschüsselchen. Raised circle or dome. / Cross or four-pointed star. De la Tour 9455 var; Konig pl. 2, 2b.TextImage
Kostial 1Celtic Germania & Central Europe, Rhine Valley, AV Stater. Regenbogenschusselchen. Triskeles within wreath / Six double rings in form of pyramid within zigzag border. Kostial 1; DLT 9439 cf, Forrer fig. 399, Castelin 1097; Dembski pl. 24,468. TextImage
Kostial 2cfCeltic Southern Germany, AV Quarter Stater. Regenbogenschusselchen. Circular animal with head left / Five pellets beneath torque. Cf. Kostial 2 (stater). Cf. Castelin 1063 (quarter stater with three pellets). TextImage
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