Ancient Coinage of Sardinia

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Acquaro 1679Hannibal, shekel, Sardinia, TextImage
LindgrenII 644Sardinia, Carthagenian, Before 227 BC. AE18. Head of Tanit left / bull right, star above; M in Punic script at right. Also attributed to Sicily. TextImage
LindgrenII_645Sardinia, Carthagenian Period, before 227 BC, AE20. Head of Tanit left / three grain ears. TextImage
Piras 70Punic Sardinia. 264-261 BC. AE. 26.54mm; 10 gr. 2 Shekels. Head of Kore left / Horse's head right. Piras 70.TextImage
RPC 625M. Attius Balbus, AE21 as Provincial Governor, Sardinia, M ATIVS BALBVS PR Bare head left / SARD P Head of Father Sardinia right, wearing crown.TextImage
SNG ANS 197vCarthaginian Sardinia. Circa 264-241 BC. AE 27mm. Head of Tanit left; three pellets behind / Horse head right; caduceus before. TextImage
SNG ANS 206Carthaginian Sardinia. Circa 264-241 BC. AE 22mm. Wreathed head of Tanit left / Horse standing right; Punic letter B beneath. TextImage
SNG ANS 387Punic Sardinia AE 17. ca 264-241 BC. Tanit / Bull right star above. TextImage
SNG Cop 206Cathaginian AE22 of Sardinian mint. 3rd Century BC. Head of Tanit left / Horse standing right; punic B(?) below. SNG Copenhagen 206.TextImage
SNG Cop 219Punic Sardinia AE30. 264-241 BC. Tanit / Horse in front of palm tree. TextImage
Sear SG 1269Sardinia, Under Hannibal, Punic occupation. Second Punic War, circa 218-201 BC. AE18, 4.23 g. Wreathed head of Tanit left. / Bull standing right, star above, Punic 'T at lower right. Sear SG 1269; SNG Cop. 387-388. TextImage
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