Ancient Coinage of Lydia, Aninetos

The location of Aninetos has not yet been established. The ancient author Hierokles placed it between Mastaura and Hypaepa.

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BMC 1Aninetos, Lydia, AE19, semi-autonomous, 200-100 AD. Magistrate Diodo.. Laureate head of Apollo right / ANINHSIWN DIO-DO around and across fields, horse standing left, one forefoot raised, palm branch behind. BMC 1; Waddington 4860.TextImage
BMC 2Aninetos, Lydia, AE22 semi-autonomous, 138-161 AD. Magistrate Anthestios. DHMOC ANINHCIWN, laureate, unbearded head of Demos right / ANQECTIOC ANEQHKE, horse standing left, one forefoot raised, transverse palm branch behind horse's back. BMC 2; Imhoof LS 9; SNG Cop 15; Mionnet IV, 26; Vienna 35544.TextImage
Imhoof LS 10Aninetos, Lydia, AE19, semi-autonomous, 30 BC-276 AD. Magistrate Ktimenos. KTIMENOC, youthful male, diademed, draped bust right / ANINHCIOIC, Artemis Ephesia, wearing polos and veil, facing. Imhoof LS 10; Hunter 1; Mionnet IV, 27.TextImage
Waddington 4861Aninetos, Lydia, AE18, semi-autonomous, 30 BC-268 AD. CYNKLHTOC, draped bust of the Senate right / ANINHCIWN, Stag standing right. Waddington 4861.TextImage
Lanz 102, 705Septimus Severus, AE 24.06 gr of Aninetos, Lydia.193-211 AD. AY KAI L CE CEYHROC P, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / EPI ..NDROY ..ARIWNOC, ANINHCIWN, MÍn, wearing Phrygian cap, on horseback prancing right, holding upright bipennis. Lanz 102-705. Unpublished.TextImage
BMC 3Julia Domna, AE24 of Aninetos, Lydia. AD 193-217. 6.62 g. IOYLIA CEBAC, draped bust right / ANINHCIWN, Tyche standing left, polos on head, holding rudder and cornucopiae. BMC 3, otherwise unpublished.TextImage
Vossen 10312Plautilla, AE19, 2.79 gr. of Aninetus, Lydia. 202-205 AD. PLAYTILLA CE, draped bust right / ANINHCIWN, horse standing left, right foreleg raised, palm branch in background. Unpublished var of Waddington 4862 (horse right). Vossen 10312.TextImage
Waddington 4862Plautilla, AE19, 2.79 gr. of Aninetus, Lydia. 202-205 AD. PLAYTILLA CE, draped bust right / ANINHCIWN, horse standing right, left foreleg raised, palm branch in background. Waddington 4862.TextImage
Vossen 10313Geta, AE25 of Aninetos, Lydia. 6.47 gr. 198-209 AD. L CEP GETA C, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ANINHCIWN, Demeter standing left, holding grain-ears and sceptre. Unpublished. Vossen 10313.TextImage
HvD CW 4539409Herennius Etruscus, AE25 of Aninetos, Lydia. AD 251. 5.65 gr. K ETROYCK TRAI DEKION CEB, bare-headed, draped bust right / ANINHCIWN, Dionysos, bare to waist, standing left, resting left arm on a nebris-draped column, holding kantharos and transverse thyrsos; panther at foot left. Unpublished. Owner's ref. CW 4539409.TextImage

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