Ancient Coinage of Gaul, Sotiates

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DLT 3587Gaul, The Elusates (or Sosiates) AR Drachm. After ca 150 BC. Celticized head left / Celticized horse left, geometric patterns above & below. BMC 113, Scheers 135–136, Forrer 533, Castelin 124. TextImage
LT 3351Gallia Narbonensis, Southeast Gaul, Sotiates ? (Gers). AR Drachm, type three-petalled flower (fleur trilobée). Flower with three petals, five dots around the central bud / Cross with dot in centre, axe and crescent in two quadrants. LT 3351. Scheers, Lyon 52. Savès 369. 3,55 g.TextImage
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