Ancient Coinage of Characene, Attambelos II

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SGI 5924Kingdom of Characene (Tigris Valley), Attambelos III, 53-72 AD, dated year 370 = 58/59 AD, AE tetradrachm, (14.53g) His young, beardless, diademed and draped bust right, square countermark on neck. / [BAC] ATTAMB[H] KωTHΡ KAI, Naked Herakles seated left, resting club on left knee, T_ in exergue. TextImage
BMC 3Characene, Attambelos II, base AR tetradrachm. Diademed bust right / Herakles seated left with club. BMC 3. TextImage
Sear 6184Characene Kingdom, Attambelos II Billon Tetradrachm. 30 BC - 6 AD. Diademed head right with long beard / BACIΛEΩΣ ATTAMBHΛOY CΩTHΡOC KAI EYEΡΓETOY, Herakles, naked, seated left on rock, resting club on knee. Monogram in left fieldTextImage
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