Ancient Coinage of Crete, Polyrhenion

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SNG Cop 534Crete, Polyrhenion. Circa 330-280 BC. AE 10mm. Round shield; in centre, bull's head facing / Spearhead. SNG Cop 534; BMC 15-17.TextImage
Svoronos 16Crete, Polyrhenium AR diobol. ca 330270 BC. Head of Dictynna left, in bead necklace and pendant earring, hair confined in sakkos / filleted bull head facing. Le Rider pl. xxix, 8; Svoronos 16. TextImage
Svoronos 43Crete, Polyrhenium AR hemidrachm. ca 200 BC. Facing bust of Artemis, in stephane, pendant earrings and necklace, bow and quiver over right shoulder / ΠOΛYΡH-HNΩN (PH ligate), Apollo standing left, holding arrow(?) in extended right hand & bow in left, chlamys hanging from back. Svoronos 43; Sear SG 3354; SNG Cop 538; BMC 20-22. TextImage
RPC 1032Claudius & Valeria Messalina AE19 of Polyrhenion, Crete. Head of Claudius left / MESSA [...], diademed head of Messalina right.TextImage
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