Ancient Coinage of Campania, Cumae

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HN Italy 520Cumae, Campania, AR didrachm. 470-455 BC. 20mm, 7.48 gr. Lion's scalp facing / KVME, head of the nymph Kyme right. HN Italy 520. Rutter 19-21.TextImage
SG 290vCampania, Cumae, AR Didrachm. 5th centurt BC. Head of nymph (may be the Cumaean sibyl or the Nymph Parthenope), right / mussel shell and barleycorn. TextImage
SNGLockett_66CAMPANIA, Cumae. ca 420-380 BC. AR Nomos. Diademed female head right / KYMAION, large mussel shell, skylla right above. Rutter 138. TextImage
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