Ancient Coinage of Campania, Atella

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SNG ANS 167Campania, Atella. c216-211 BC. AE Triens. Laureate head of Zeus right; four dots behind / Zeus, holding thunderbolt & scepter, in quadriga right being driven by Nike; four dots in exergue. BMC 1-2; SNG Cop 299.TextImage
SNG Fr 408Campania, Atella AE Uncia. Circa 216-211 BC. Radiate facing bust of Sol, star to left / elephant standing right. TextImage
SNG Munich 135CAMPANIA, Atella. c216-211 BC. AE Uncia. Laureate head of Zeus right; dot behind / Nike standing right, erecting a trophy; dot right. TextImage
Sear SG 545Campania, Atella. c216-211 BC. AE Sextans. Laureate head of Zeus right; two dots behind / Oath scene; two soldiers standing facing one another, raising swords in right hand, holding pig in left; two dots left. SNG ANS 168; BMC 3; SNG Cop 300.TextImage
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