Ancient Coinage of Cyclades, Melos

The Cyclades island of Melos was conquered by Athens in 416-415 BC. The Melians were treated very harshly and most of their coinage was melted down. Coins of Melos were published by Cadalvene as early as 1828 and a hoard was discovered by Jameson in 1907. According to Svoronos, the fruit on many Melos coins is a quince, not a pomegranate.

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BMC 28Melos, Cyclades, AE19. 2nd c. BC. 5.54 g. Pomegranate or quince. / Athena (Palladion) right, krater or kantharos to right. BMC 28; Pozzi (Boutin) 4556 (this coin).TextImage
BMC 38Melos, Cycladic Islands, 26 mm. 7.11 g. Unclear legend, helmeted bust of Athena right. / MHΛIωN in two lines within wreath. BMC 38. (Rev. legend var (form of Omega) of RPC II 1294 and Paris 270-271).TextImage
BMC 40Melos, Cycladic Islands, AE17. 2nd c. BC. 3.46 g. Helmeted head of Athena right. / Pomegranate within wreath. BMC 40.TextImage
Jameson 1282Melos, Cyclades, AR stater. 500-416 BC, 14.11 g. Pomegranate or quince with two leaves. / MAΛICN (N retrograde), incuse circle divided into six parts by a wheel with six spokes. Jameson 1282 (this coin); Traité II-3 1349 (ditto); Jameson Trouvaille 3 (ditto).TextImage
Jameson 1287Melos, Cyclades, AR Stater, ca 425-415 BC., 14.09g. Pomegranate / MAΛICN, triskeles around a large central dot, all within a dotted circle within a shallow incuse circle. Jameson 1287; Pozzi 2030; McClean 7264; Lockett 2613; Traité II-3, 1361.TextImage
Jameson 1293Melos, Cyclades, AR stater. 425-416 BC, 14.29 g. Pomegranate or quince with one leaf. / MAΛICN (partly retrograde), crescent. Jameson 1293; SNG Cop. 679; Traité II-3 1355.TextImage
Jameson 1296Melos, Cycladic Islands, AR stater, ca. 420-416 BC. 14.12 g. Pomegranate. / MAΛION, ram's head right. Jameson Coll. 1296 (this coin); Jameson Trouvaille 21 (ditto); Traité II-3, 1378 (ditto); Kraay-Hirmer 531.TextImage
Jameson 1300Melos, Cyclades, AR Stater, ca 475-460 BC., 14.21g. MAΛICN (retrograde), oinochoe, with a handle on right / Three dolphins swimming clockwise around a large central dot, all within a dotted circle within a shallow incuse circle. Jameson 1300 (this coin); Traité II-3, 1368 (this coin).TextImage
Jameson 1302Melos, Cycladic Islands, AR stater. 425-416 BC. 14 g. Pomegranate or quince. / MHLICN around a flower with eight petals. Jameson Coll. 1302 (this coin); Jameson Trouvaille 28 (ditto); Traité II-3, 1358 (ditto).TextImage
Jameson 1304Melos, Cyclades, AR stater. 402-416 BC, 13.79 g. Pomegranate or quince. / MAΛION, Male head right, wearing conical helmet. Jameson 1304; Kraay 18d (this coin); SNG Lockett 2615.TextImage
Mionnet II 46Cyclades, Melos. Ca 3rd Century BC. AE 12mm, 3.39 g. Pomegranate / M-A, kantharos in circular incuse. BMC 14-15.TextImage
RPC 1300Melos, Cyclades, AE19, Pseudo-autonomous issue. Time of Nero, 54-68 AD. 3.98 g. Ti. Pankleos, magistrate. MHΛIΩN, helmeted bust of Athena right, pomegranate behind head/ EΠI TI ΠANKΛEOC TO Γ, legend in four lines within wreath. RPC 1300; SNG Cop 696; BMC 44; Mionnet II, 54.TextImage
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