Ancient Coinage of Plakia, Mysia

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BMC 1Plakia, Mysia, AE13. 400-300 BC. 1.36 g. Female head right, wearing stephane and necklace. / ΠΛA, bull standing or walking right. Paris 1554; BMC 1-3; SNG Cop 543; Traité II-2, 2830.TextImage
BMC 4Plakia, Mysia, AE12. 400-300 BC. 1.31 g. Turreted head of Kybele right. / ΠΛAKI, head of roaring lion right. BMC 4; Weber 5242; SNG Cop 544; Lindgren III 289; Traité II-2, 2832.TextImage
CNG 288, 200Plakia, Mysia, AE13. 400-300 BC. 1.54 g. Turreted head of Kybele facing slightly left. / ΠΛA, upright rudder. Unpublished. CNG 288, 200.TextImage
G&N 21, 202Plakia, Mysia, AE13. 400-300 BC. 1.31 g. Turreted head of Kybele left. / ΠΛAKI, lion sitting left. Unpublished. Gitbud & Naumann 21, 202.TextImage
Paris 1555Plakia, Mysia, AE13. 400-300 BC. 1.25 g. Turreted head of Kybele right. / ΠΛA, bull walking left. Paris 1555; Traité II-2, 2831.TextImage
SNG Cop 245cfMysia, Placia AE11. 4th Century BC. Turreted female head right / Lion devouring prey. TextImage
SNG Cop 545Plakia, Mysia. AE10. 4th c. BC. Turreted head of Kybele right. / ΠΛAKIA, lion right, gnawing prey, corn-ear below. Klein 289; SNG v. Aulock 1432; SNG Tübingen 2496; SNG Cop 545; BMC 5; SNG France 2377-2382; Traité II-2, 2833.TextImage
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