Ancient Coinage of Seleucia, Antiochos XII

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Houghton 864vSeleukid Kingdom, Antiochos XII AR Tetradrachm. Year 227 (86/85 BC), Damascus mint. Diademed head right / BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIOCOY EΠIΦANOYΣ ΦIΛOΠATOΡOΣ KAΛΛINIKOY left, cult statue of Hadad standing facing on double basis, flanked by two bull foreparts, holding grain stalk in right hand; monogram outer left, monogram and ΣKX in exergue; all within a laurel wreath. TextImage
Houghton 870Seleucid Kingdom, Antiochos XII AE18. Diademed head right / Apollo standing left holding arrow and resting arm on spear. TextImage
Rosenberger_30cfAntiochus XII, 89-84 BC, AE10. Struck at the mint of Akko Ptolemais. Jugate heads of the Dioskuri / cornucopiae. TextImage
Sear 7199Antiochus XII AE21. ca 88-84 BC. Diademed lightly bearded head of Antiochus XII right / BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIOCOY EΠIΦANOYΣ ΦIΛOΠATOΡOΣ KAΛΛINIKOY, Zeus standing left, holding Nike in right hand and long sceptre in left. SNGIs 2887. TextImage
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