Ancient Coinage of Phrygia, Appia

Appia was on the northern road almost exactly between Acmoneia and CotiaŽum.
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BMC 1Appia, Phrygia. AE19, ca AD 60. Helmeted bust of Athena right / AΠ-ΠIA-NΩN in three lines within wreath. BMC 1; RPC I 3217; von Aulock Phrygien 1 161-163; Paris 551.TextImage
BMC 6Trajan, AE21 of Appia, Phrygia. AD 98-117, 5.42 g. Magistrate Ai. T. Pollionos. AY KA NE TΡAIANOC CE ΓE ΔAKIKOC, laureate head right / AI T ΠΩΛΛIΩNOC CT B AΠΠIANΩN, River-god Tembris reclining left, holding reed and vase. BMC 6; Aulock Phrygien 1 187-194; SNG von Aulock 8351; Waddington 5739-5740; McClean 8773; Imhoof KM 2.TextImage

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