Ancient Coinage of Britain, Catuvellauni, Tasciovanus

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VA 1699British Celts, Tasciovanus AR Unit. ca 25-20 BC. First coinage, Verulamium. VER in pellet ring / Celticized horse right, TASCIA below & before. Hobbs 1670-1673.TextImage
VA 1786Celtic Tasciovaunus Gold Quarter Stater 1.37 grams, 11.53 mm. TASC in tablet on vertical wreath / Pegasus galloping left, tail raised, pellet behind. M. 185; VA. 1786; BMC 1647-50; S. 266; ABC 2601.TextImage
VA 1810Celtic Tasciovanus, Catuvellauni, AE 2.38 gr. 25 BC- AD 10 AD. Geometric eight-pointed star with circle in the centre / Bull standing right on groundline. VA 1810; Seaby 248; BMC 1752-1755.TextImage
VA 1890British Celts, Rues (Tasciovanus) AE Unit. ca 10 BC - 10 AD. Lion right / Eagle with spread wings standing right, head left. Hobbs 1691. TextImage
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