Ancient Coinage of Britain, Atrebates

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S0124Celtic Britain Gold 1/4 StaterTextImage
SCBC_137Celtic Britain, The Atrebates. Verica. Circa 10-40 AD. AR Unit (1.12 gm). VERICA REX, bull butting right / COMMI F, figure standing left, holding branch, head on standard to right. Text Image
Scheers_304Gallic Celts, Atrabates, Æ16. Head right / Horseman to right. TextImage
Seaby #356British Celts, Eppillus, c. 25-35 AD, AR unit. EPATI Head of Hercules right / Eagle facing, wings open, head left. Van Arsdell 580-1; Nash 212.
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VA 228.1Celtic Britain, Atrebates. c. 55-45 BC. Gold Fractional Stater (1.3g). Abstracted head right of Apollo / Celticized horse right. VA 228-1.TextImage
VA 292-1Britain, Atrebates. Quinarius, Danebury Boxhead type. VA 292-1.TextImage
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