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ABC 2368Atrebates, AV quarter-stater, Harlow Flyer Type, ca. 55-45 BC. 1.10g. Vertical double line with dots between, two or three crescents below, dot in circle and horizontal leaf to right. / Horse right, beaded mane, dot and winged motif above, cogwheel sun below. ABC 2368; Van Arsdell -; BMC -; Seaby -.TextImage
SCBC 48Celtic, Britain. Atrebates & Regni. AV quarter stater. Uninscribed, circa 75-30 BC. 14 mm, 1.18 g. Selsey Dahlia (Atrebatic B) type. Celticized head of Apollo right with "hidden face" motif. / Celticized horse running right, floral sun above, wheel below, dots in annulets around. ABC 503. SCBC 48. Van Arsdell -.TextImage
SCBC 137Celtic Britain, The Atrebates. Verica. Circa 10-40 AD. AR Unit (1.12 gm). VERICA REX, bull butting right / COMMI F, figure standing left, holding branch, head on standard to right. TextImage
Scheers 304Gallic Celts, Atrabates, AE16. Head right / Horseman to right. TextImage
Seaby 124Atrebates, Celtic Britain. Tincomarus. Gold Quarter Stater. 20-10 BC. 8 mm, 1.2 g. COMF in an incuse rectangle. / Celticized bull right. Unclear letters (TI or N?) below. Van Arsdell 387-01; Seaby 124.TextImage
VA 222-1Atrebates, AV quarter-stater, "Remic" Type, ca. 55-45 BC. 1.28g. Abstract head or wreath pattern, resembling a radiate head right. / Celticized horse right with triple-tail, beaded mane, floral sun (dahlia ?) above, cog wheel below, dot-in-circle to right. Van Arsdell 222-1; BMC 489-494; Seaby 48.TextImage
VA 228-1Celtic Britain, Atrebates. c. 55-45 BC. Gold Fractional Stater (1.3g). Abstracted head right of Apollo / Celticized horse right. VA 228-1.TextImage
VA 292-1Celtic Britain, Atrebates, AR quinarius. 10 mm, 1.9 g. Danebury Boxhead type, 45-30 BC. Celticized head left in outline form, three dots before the mouth, corded lines as hair. / Celticized horse right, rings before and beneath the horse, fanlike shape beneath the horse. Van Arsdell 292-1.TextImage
VA 409-1Celtic Britain, Atrebates, Eppillus. 10 BC-10 AD. AV Quarter Stater. 1.16 g. COMM F EPPILLV around a crescent. / Celticized horse right. Star above and below. VA 409-1.TextImage
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