Ancient Coinage of Pontos, Trapezus

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Rec Gen 46Gordian III AE 28mm of Pontus, Trapezus. AV K M ANT ΓOΡΔIANOC CEB, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / TΡAΠEZONTIΩN ET ΠOE, Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae, star to right. RecGen 46; SNG France VII 1964.TextImage
ANS 41449Gordian III AE30 of Trapezus, Pontos. 238/239 AD. AV K M AN ΓOΡΔIA(NOC CEB ), laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / TΡAΠEZOVNTIΩN ET ΠOE, Serapis standing facing, head left, right hand raised, holding staff in left hand, star in upper right field. Rec Gen -; SNG France VII -. ANS 1944.100.41449. TextImage
RecGen 53bTranquillina, AE30 of Trapezos, Pontus. 12.74 g. Dated local yeat 179 = AD 242-243. CAB TΡANKYΛINAC CEB, diademed and draped bust right / TΡAΠEZOYNTIωN around, ET ΠΡ in ex, Dionysos, naked, standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos. RecGen 53b; Paris 470; Waddington 105; SNG France VII, 1973; Bernhard 35.TextImage
SNG vA 6788Otacilia Severa, AE29 of Trapezus, Pontus. AD 244-249. Dated CY 181 (244-245 AD). M Ω CEYHΡAN CEB, draped bust right / TΡAΠEZOYNTIΩN, ET AΠΡ in ex, Mithras on horseback riding right, tree behind, altar to right. SNG von Aulock 6788; RecGen 55A (altar omitted); SNG France VII 1975.TextImage

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