Ancient Coinage of Auriol Hoard

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LT 95Gaul. Auriol Hoard, AR Obol. ca 500 BC. Archaic female head right in kekryphalos adorned with rows of pearls / Quadripartite incuse. Furtwangler F1, Forrer fig. 152. TextImage
LT 356Celtic, Massalia, Auriol Hoard, AR obol (3/4 Litra), 480-470 BC. 0.78 g, 11 mm. Ram's head right / Incuse. BN 397, LT 356, Scheers Lyon 21.TextImage
Rosen_2vGaul, Auriol Hoard type. Circa 470-460 BC. AR Hemiobol (0.43 gm). Female head left, wearing cap / Incuse square punch. TextImage
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