Ancient Coinage of Thrace, Lysimacheia

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Moushmov 5499Thrace, Lysimachia AE18. 309-220 BC. Head of Herakles right / ΛYΣIMAXEΩN, Nike standing facing, head left, holding wreath. BMC 5, SNG Cop 914. TextImage
Moushmov 5501Thrace, Lysimachia AE19. 309-220 BC. Head of Tyche right / ΛYΣIMAXEΩN, lion sitting right. cf SNG Cop 909. TextImage
Moushmov 5503Lysimachia, Thrace, AE, 3rd c. BC, 8.78 g. Veiled head of Demeter right, wreathed with corn / ΛYΣIMA-XEΩN in two lines, bee below, all within wreath of corn. Moushmov 5503; Mionnet I, 25.TextImage
Moushmov 5512Lysimachia, Thrace, AE 25mm, ca 309-220 BC, 11.30 g. Head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress. Countermark: lion's head facing / ΛYΣIMAXEΩN, Artemis standing right in short chiton, quiver behind shoulder, holding transverse torch with both hands. Moushmov 5512; BMC 2; SNG Cop 903; Mionnet I, 29.TextImage
Moushmov 5518Lysimachia, Thrace, AE 12mm, ca 309-220 BC, 1.40 g. Helmeted head of Athena right / ΛY within wreath of corn. Moushmov 5518.TextImage
SNG Cop 906Lysimachia, Thrace, AE, 309-220 BC, 8.07 g. Veiled head of Demeter right, wreathed with corn / ΛYΣIMA-XEΩN in two lines, caduceus below, all within wreath of corn. SNG Cop 906.TextImage
SNG Cop 918Lysimachia, Thrace. AE14. 2.7 g., ca. 309-220 BC. Head of lion right / ΛYΣI, corn-ear, AI monogram at lower right. SNG Cop 918.TextImage
SNG Cop 919Lysimachia, Thrace. AE16 civic issue, 309-220 BC. Head of roaring lion right. / ΛY-ΣI to right and left of corn-ear. SNG Cop 919; Mionnet I, 24.TextImage
SNG Cop 922Lysimachia, Thrace, AE11 civic issue. ca 225-198 BC. 0.96 g. Draped bust of Hermes right, wearing petasos. / ΛY-ΣI in two lines within barley wreath. SNG Cop 922; Hoover HGC 1505.TextImage
Thompson 3Thrace, Lysimachia AR Triobol. 306-301 BC. Head of Apollo right / ΛY, horse and rider right. TextImage
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