Ancient Coinage of Baktria, Kings, Nikias

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Bop_2AcfBaktria, Nikias. Circa 90-85 BC. Fourrée Drachm. Diademed & draped bust right / Nikias standing left, holding palm; monogram to lower left. cf. SNG ANS 1264. TextImage
Bop_3ABaktria, Nikias AR Drachm. ca 90-85 BC. Bilingual series. BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΣΩTHΡOΣ NIKIOY, diademed and draped bust right, in helmet adorned with bull's horn & ear / Maharajasa tratarasa Nikiasa in Karosthi, Nikias standing left, holding palm in his left hand; monogram to lower right. SNG ANS 1265.TextImage
Bop_5BBaktria, Nikias. Circa 90-85 BC. AE Unit. Bust of Poseidon right, trident over shoulder / Dolphin entwined around anchor; monogram to lower right. TextImage
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