Ancient Coinage of Paphlagonia, Germanicopolis

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BMC 6cfPaphlagonia, Germanicopolis. Septimius Severus AE28. AVT K L CEP CEOYHPOC, laureate & cuirassed bust right / APX PAF GERM A NIKOPOLEWC, Demeter standing left, holding poppy head & long torch.TextImage
Imhoof Pontos XIIICaracalla, AE21 of Germanicopolis, Paphlagonia. AD 198-217. AYT K M AYΡ ANTΩNINOC, laureate, cuirassed bust right / ΓEΡMANIKOΠOΛE-ΩC EC-TIA around, above and beneath bull walking right. Imhoof, Pontos XIII; ex Montague Greek I, 240 (this coin); var of RecGen 50 (obv legend).TextImage
Helios 5, 620Julia Domna, AE of Germanicopolis, Paphlagonia. Dated 215 AD. 14.15 g. IOVLIA DOMNA AV, draped bust right / GERMANIKOPOLEWC ET CEI, Artemis standing right, holding bow and reaching for arrow from quiver at shoulder, stag at foot. RecGen 29-38 var (reverse type); Helios Auction 5, lot 620, otherwise unpublished.TextImage
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