Ancient Coinage of Aeolis, Temnos

A small town near the River Hermus. During the reign of Tiberius it was destroyed by an earthquake; and by Pliny's time it was no longer inhabited, although it was later rebuilt.

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BMC 5Temnos, Aeolis, AE12, 3rd-1st century BC. Head of young Dionysos right, wearing ivy wreath / T-A, bunch of grapes on vine. SNG Cop 256; Lindgren I 415; SNG Stockholm 2221; BMC 5.TextImage
BMC 10Temnus, Aeolis. AE 18mm; 3.83g. 2nd- 1st c. BC. Head of youthful Dionysos right, wreathed with ivy / ΔH, TA to left and right of Athena standing left, holding Nike and bunch of grapes, shield on ground behind her. BMC 10.TextImage
BMC 11Temnos, Aeolis. AE17, ca AD 200. 2.28 g. THMNITΩN, Aphrodite standing right, leaning left elbow on a columnm and holding a mirror whilst dressing her hair / EΠI ZΩIΛOY, river-god, reclining left. BMC 11 corr (description); Birch Inedita (1844), 2 (ditto); Imhoof "Paphlagonien..", XXIII; Mionnet IV, 455 corr. (city).TextImage
BMC 18Aeolis, Temnos, AE20. TH-MNOC, turreted draped bust of temnos right / THMNEITΩN, Tyche standing left holding rudder and cornucopiae. BMC 18; SNG Cop 274; SNG v.A. 1677.TextImage
Imhoof KM 2 varTemnus?, Aeolis. AE10. 3rd century BC. 1.1 g. Youthful male head right, wearing helmet or pileus / TAM beneath lion crouching left, preparing to spring. Imhoof (Uncertain mints), KM 2 var (position of legend); Gitbud & Naumann HA1671.TextImage
RPC 2447Temnos, Aeolis, AE. Time of Augustus. Proconsul Asinius Gallus. 6-5 BC. 4.31 g. AΣINIOC ΓAΛΛOC AΓNOΣ, head of Asinius Gallus right / TAMNITAN AΠOΛΛAC ΦAINIOU, head of Dionysos right, wreathed with ivy. RPC I 2447; BMC 24-26; Paris 422; Waddington 1350; SNG Cop 276; SNG Munich 626-627; Lindgren I A418A; Rhousopoulos 3579.TextImage
SNG Cop 246Aeolis, Temnus, AE 10mm, 1.41g, 4th-3rd c. BC. Bearded, laureate head of Dionysos left / TA to left and right of bunch of grapes on vine with leaves. SNG Cop 246, Plant 1850, BMC 1; Winterthur 2851.TextImage
SNG Cop 261Temnos, Aeolis, AE12. 200-100 BC. 2nd cent BC. 1.88gr. Head of Athena right, wearing Corinthian helmet / Φ-Z T-A in two lines across fields, Ares or Athena Promachos, in short chiton, standing right, wielding spear and holding shield on left arm. SNG von Aulock 1675; Lindgren I, 417; SNG Cop. 261.TextImage
SNG Cop 262Temnos (BC 2nd-1st cent BC) AE 15. Head of young Dionysos wreathed by ivy right / Δ-H T-A, in two lines across fields, Athena standing, holding in right hand bunch of grapes, holding spear over right shoulder; serpent behind. SNG Copenhagen 262.TextImage
SNG vA 1671Temnos, Aeolis, AE22. ca 300-250 BC. AE (4.47g). Head of young Dionysos right, wearing ivy wreath / Grape bunch within wreath. SNG von Aulock 1671; SNG München 603; Klein, KM 49, 343.TextImage
SNG vA 1672vTemnos, Aeolis, AE11, 1.43 g. 300-100 BC. Head of youthful Dionysos right, wreathed with ivy / T-A, bunch of grapes, flower in left field, monogram in right field. von Aulock 1672-1673 var (weight, size); SNG Stockholm 2222 var (ditto).TextImage
Traite 2073 varTemnos, Aeolis, AR obol. 10mm, 0.86 g. 4th c. BC. Laureate head of Apollo left / T-A, kantharos. Traité 2073 var (diobol). SNG Cop -; BMC -; SNG vA -.TextImage
RPC 2446Augustus AE18 of Temnos, Aeolis. Magistrate Apollas, son Of Phainios. KAIΣAΡ ΣEBAΣTOΣ ΠΛOYΣIAΣ YΠTHAΣ, bare head of Augustus right / AΠOΛΛAΣ ΦAINIOY TAMNITAN, Athena standing left holding spear, shield and statuette of Nike. RPC 2446; BMC 27; SNG Cop. 277.TextImage
RPC Supp 3, II 980ADomitian, AE19 of Temnos, Aeolis. AD 69-81. 4.47 g. ΔOMITIANOC KAICAΡ, laureate head right / EΠI ΔIONYCOΔΩΡOY AΓNOY ΦIΛOΠATΡIΔOC THMNI, Dionysos, naked, standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos. RPC S3-II-980A.TextImage
RPC 981Julia Titi, AE16 of Temnos, Aeolis. AD 79-90. Magistrate Hagnus Philopatris. IOYΛIA CEBACTH, draped bust right / EΠI AΓNOY THMNI, Athena standing left, holding Nike and spear and resting left hand on shield. RPC II 981; Imhoof KM 1; Mionnet III, 168 corr.TextImage
Paris 429Geta, AE16 of Temnos, Aeolis. AD 198-209). 2.15 g. Π CE ΓETAC, bare-headed, draped bust right / THMNEITΩN. Stag or goat standing right. Paris 429; Mionnet Supp. 6, 269.TextImage
Mionnet Supp VI, 275Julia Mamaea, AE33 of Temnos, Aeolis. AD 222-235. 17.25 g. IOYΛIA MAMEA CEB, diademed and draped bust right / EΠI CTΡA CMAΡAΓΔOY THMNEI-TΩ-N, Dionysos, loins draped (long), standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos, panther at foot left. Mionnet Supp. VI, 275; Righetti Coll 383.TextImage
Chaix 470Otacilia Severa, AE20 of Temnos, Aeolis. AD 244-249. M ΩTAKIΛ CEOYHΡA, diademed and draped bust right / THMNEITΩN, Herakles Bibax standing left, holding kantharos, club and lionskin. Chaix 470 ("1100 monnaies.."); Mionnet Supp VI 289 var (obv. legend).TextImage

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