Ancient Coinage of Syria, Decapolis, Canatha

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RPC 4838
Spij. 3
Claudius, AE of Canatha, Decapolis of Syria. AD 49-50 AD. Dated local year 112. No legend, laureate head of Claudius left, star before, acrostolium behind / KANATHNΩN BI&Rho, veiled and turreted head of Tyche left. RPC 4838; Spijkerman 3.TextImage
RPC 2092Domitian AE13 of Canatha, Syria. AD 93-94. ΔOMITI KAICAΡ, laureate head left / KANATA ZNP, turreted bust Tyche left. Rosenberger 3, Spijkerman 4. TextImage
Spij. 7Commodus, AE26 of Canatha, Syrian Decapolis. Year 253 (190 AD.) AVT K M ANTO KOM, laureate head right / ΓABIN KANAΘA,ΓNC (date), Dionysos, loins draped, standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos, panther at foot. Rosenberger 5, Spijkerman 7; Meshorer 209; SNG ANS 1265-6; Hendin 842.TextImage
Spij. 8Commodus AE 14.3 of of Canatha in the Syrian Decapolis. Laureate bust right / bust of Athena right wearing crested helmet. Spijkerman 8.TextImage
Spijkerman 11Commodus, AE18 of Canatha, Syria. AD 177-192. 3.35 g. AV KOM ANT, laureate head right. / KANAΘ, bull standing right. Spijkerman 11; Sofaer 10; Rosenberger 10.TextImage
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