Ancient Coinage of Gaul, Sequani

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BM_346Celtic Gaul, The Sequani, AR Quinarius. After 62-52BC. Helmeted head left / Horse left. TextImage
DLT_5229Celtic Central Gaul, The Sequani Cast Potin 16mm. Draped bust right, in crested helmet, TOC before / Lion leaping right, TOC below. Scheers, Seine-maritime, 187189. BMC Celtic 349. TextImage
DLT_5351Gaul, The Sequani. Circa 70-50 BC. AR Quinarius. Male head left / SEQVANO[IOTVOS], boar standing left. TextImage
DLT_5368vCeltic Gaul, The Sequani, Potin 20mm "Big Head" Unit. Stylized head left with thick features and helmet / horse left with long tail. TextImage
DLT_5527Gaul, The Sequani. Circa 70-50 BC. Potin 18mm. Male head left / Antelope kneeling left. TextImage
DLT_5611vCeltic Central Gaul, The Sequani Cast Potin 17mm. Celticized head left / Horse running left, TO above, C below. BMC Celtic 345. Castelin 744. TextImage
DLT_7005Gaul, The Sequani Potin 14mm. TVRONOS, beardless head left / CANTORIX, Celticized horse prancing left, pellet in pellet-ring below. Scheers 207, Castelin 775. TextObvRev
s0096vCeltic Gaul, The Sequani, AR Unit. IVL / Horse galloping left. TextImage
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