Ancient Coinage of Thessaly, Atrax

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Mionnet 127 (rev)Thessaly, Atrax AE16mm. 4th century BC. Horseman right / ATRA-GION, bull running right. This reverse: Mionnet Supp. III, 127. TextImage
Rogers 164Atrax, Thessaly, 400-377 BC, AE17. Head of Apollo right / ATPA, horse standing right. Rogers 164; SNG Copenhagen 28.TextImage
Rogers 167Atrax, Thessaly, AE chalkon. 13.5 mm, 400-344 BC. 1.65 g. Head of Apollo right / ATR[A-GIWN], horse grazing right. Rogers 167.TextImage
Rogers 169Atrax, Thessaly. 300-196 B.C. AE 21 mm. 6.95 gr. Head of Apollo right / ATRAGIWN, Horseman right, right hand raised. BMC 2. TextImage
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