Ancient Coinage of Argolis, Epidauros

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Sear SG 2809
Epidauros, Argolis, AR drachm, Circa 250-245 BC. 20mm, 4.74 g. Laureate head of Apollo right, long hair falling behind / Asklepios, bearded, sitting left, holding sceptre and extending his right over the head of a coiled serpent before him; hound lying right at his side, ΘE beneath the seat, E in right field. BMC 7; BCD 1240 (this coin); Jameson 2107; SNG Lockett 2508; Requier 57 (this coin); Traité 679; Sear SG 2809.TextImage
BMC 10Epidauros, Argolis, AE unit, Circa 300-245 BC. 20mm, 4.45 g. Laureate head of Asklepios right / EΠ and TE monogram across fields, Epione walking left, holding bowl and a goose in her lowered right hand. BMC 10; Newell (Bronze Hoards) 12; BCD 1254.TextImage
BMC 12Epidauros, Argolis, AE unit, Circa 300-245 BC. 20mm, 4.27 g. Laureate head of Asklepios right / E&Pi:, Epione walking left, emptying a patera into a bowl, cupping vase in right field. BMC 12; BCD 1252; SNG Cop 122.TextImage
BMC 19Epidauros, Argolis, AE unit. Circa 350 BC. 1.62 g. Laureate head of Asklepios right / E within wreath (Π below). BMC 19-20; SNG Cop 120.TextImage
BMC 27Epidauros, Argolis, Peloponnesos. AE15 Dichalkon. 3rd c. BC. Laureate head of Asklepios right / EΠ monogram above coiled serpent right. BMC 27; Newell, Epidaurus Hoard 43 (same dies) (ANS NNM 68).TextImage
Clerk 168Epidauros, Argolis, Achaian League issue. AR Hemidrachm. ca 160-146 BC. Laureate head of Zeus right / AX monogram; Ρ-Ω across field, cupping vessel above, IA below; all within wreath tied at the bottom. BCD 1262. TextImage
Hoover 721Epidauros, Argolis, AR Triobol or Hemidrachm. ca 295-250 BC. 13.5 mm, 2.37 g. Laureate head of Asklepios left / EΠ monogram within wreath. BCD 1226; Hoover HGC 721.TextImage
SNG Cop 114Epidauros, Argolis, AR Hemidrachm. ca 295-250 BC. 16mm, 2.65 g. Laureate head of Asklepios left / EΠ (Π part upside down) monogram within wreath. BCD 1230; Requier 85 (SNR 1993); SNG Cop 114.TextImage
SNG Cop 121Epidauros, Argolis. AE 12. Circa 350 BC. Laureate head of Asklepios right / E within laurel wreath, Π below. SNG Cop 121; Sear 2815; Hoover 740; BMC 20.TextImage
Traité 677Epidauros, Argolis, AR Obol. late 4th or early 3rd cent. BC. 0.80 g. Laureate head of Apollo left / E within wreath. BCD 1223; Traité 677.TextImage
BMC 29vAntoninus Pius, AE of Epidauros, Argolis, AD 138-161. 9.19 g. ANTΩ-NEINOC XYΓ, laureate head of Asklepios right / IEΡAC EΠIΔAYΡOY, tetrastyle temple with statue of Asklepios seated left within, holding sceptre and feeding serpent from patera, cross-like structure behind. Obv. legend var of BMC 29 (XYΓ for AYΓ).TextImage
BMC 30cf Antoninus Pius AE 20mm of Epidaurus, Argolis. Laureate head right / EΠIΔAYΡIΩN, cult statue of Asklepios by Thrasymedes seated left. SNGCop 133cf, Mionnet Supp IV 153. TextImage
Of InterestEpidauros Coinage in the light of a new hoard by Pierre Requier, in French in Swiss Numism. Rundschau, 1993. Downloadable from retro-seals, Switzerland.
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