SNG Cop 412Zephyrium, Cilicia, AE 20mm; 6.8g. Veiled and turreted head of Tyche right / ZEΦYΡIΩTΩN, two crossed lit torches within wreath, two monograms in fields. Ziegler 600;TextImage SNG France 1261Zephyrium, Cilicia. Civic Issue. Circa 1st Century BC-1st Century AD. AE 21mm. Turreted head of Tyche right; behind, countermark: grape-bunch within rectangle / ZEΦYΡI-ΩTΩ around two crossed torches. TextImage SNG Lev 898vZephyrium, Cilicia. 1st century BC, 1st century AD. AE 24mm. Crossed torches within laurel wreath / ZEΦYΡI-ΩTΩN in two lines above ME and ΡAT monograms; all within laurel wreath. SNG France 1258 var. TextImage SNG Lev 901Zephyrium, Cilicia, AE21. 100-0 BC. Turreted head of Tyche right. Countermark (bunch of grapes) in left field / ZEΦYΡIΩTΩN, Tyche, turreted, seated left, holding sceptre. Monograms in left field. SNG Levante 901; Lindgren A936A; Ziegler 0598; BMC 6.TextImage
SNG Tahberer 1745Hadrian, AE27 of Zephyrion-Hadrianopolis, Cilicia. AD 117-138. 10.6 g. AΔΡIANOC CEBACTOC AΔΡIANOΠOΛEITωN, laureate head right / CABINA CEBACTH ZEΦYΡIωTΩN, draped bust of Sabina right, wearing stephane. Levante, Zephyrion 72-75; Imhoof, Den Haag, 4; SNG Tahberer 1745-1746.TextImage
BMC 10Antoninus Pius, AE30 of Zephyrium, Cilicia. AD 138-161. 15.65 g. AYT KAI TI AI AΔΡIA ANTΩNINOC CEB EY, Π-Π across fields, laureate head right / AΔΡIANOΠOΛITΩN ZEΦYΡIΩTΩN, Demos, bearded, sitting left, holding wreath. Levante, Coinage 80; SNG Levante 907; SNG France 1269; BMC 10.TextImage Levante 89Antoninus Pius AE29 of Zephyrium, Cilicia. 10.5gr. [....AI AΔΡ A]NT-ΩN[INOC CEB EY], laureate head right, P-P across fields / AΔΡIANOΠOΛEITΩN ZEΦYΡIΩTΩN, youthful head of Dionysos right, wreathed with ivy, transverse thyrsus behind head. Levante, Coinage 89.TextImage SNG v.Aulock 6088Antoninus Pius, AE 30.2mm of Zephyrion, Cilicia. 138-161 AD. AYT KAI TI AI AΔΡI ANTΩNINOC CEB EY, Π-Π across fields, laureate head right / AΔΡIANOΠOΛITΩN ZEΦYΡIΩTΩN, Zeus seated left. SNG France 2, 1269; SNG von Aulock 6088.TextImage
Lindgren 956Septimius Severus AE 26mm of Zephyrion-Hadrianopolis, Cilicia. Laureate head right / AΔΡIANOΠOΛEITΩN ZEΦYΡIΩTΩN, Zeus enthroned left, holding wreath & sceptre. TextImage

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