Ancient Coinage of Troas, Sigeon

According to Head and J.P. Six, the Athena/owl coins date to the second half of the 4th century BC when Sigeon was in the possession of the Athenian general Chares, who, with an army of mercenaries, had come to the aid of the satrap Artabazes in 355 BC. Chares made Sigeon his home when his duties did not take him elsewhere and when he retired from public life in 335 BC he spent the rest of his days in Sigeon. When Alexander III arrived in the town in 334, Chares presented his old enemy with a gold crown in gratitude for Alexander having pardoned him at the request of the Athenians.

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BMC 14Troas, Sigeion. Circa 4th Century BC. AE 20mm. Three quarter facing head of Athena, turned slightly right / Double-bodied owl standing facing; crescent right. SNG Copenhagen 493; SNG von Aulock 1570; BMC Troas pg. 87, 14-16.TextImage
BMC 19-20Sigeion, Troas, AE13. 4th cent. BC. 1.8 g. Helmeted head of Athena right. / ΣIΓE, Owl standing right, head facing. BMC 19-20; SNG Stockholm 2186.TextImage
BMC 21-24Troas, Sigeon, AE11. Helmeted bust of Athena right / ΣI-ΓE, crescent. BMC 21-24; McClean 7864; Weber 5441-5442; SNG von Aulock 1572; Traité II, 2417; SNG Cop 499-500; Lindgren I 383; Lewis 868.TextImage
Jameson 2232Sigeium, Troas. AR drachm. 400-300 BC. 16mm, 3.09 g. Helmeted head of Athena facing three-quarters right. / ΣIΓE, owl standing right, head facing, crescent behind head. Jameson 2232. (ca 0.5 g. lighter: BMC 1; Luynes 2517; SNG von Aulock 1569; Thomas Coll. 2013; SNG Lockett 2740; Lockett coll. 2214; Pozzi 2280).TextImage
SNG Cop 496Troas, Sigeion AE 15mm. Circa 350 BC. Head of Athena slightly facing right / ΣIΓE downwards to right of owl standing right, head facing, crescent in left field. SNG Copenhagen 496-497; SNG von Aulock 7637; SNG Fitz. 1214-1216. TextImage
SNGCop 498Troas, Sigeon. Circa 350 BC. AE 13 mm. No legend, Helmeted head of Athena right / ΣIΓE, Owl standing right. SNG Copenhagen 498.TextImage
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