Ancient Coinage of Raetia, Helvetii

The Helvetii gave their name to Helvetia, the name for Switzerland which still appears e.g. on Swiss stamps and coins. The capital town of the Helvetii was Aventicum (modern day Avenches) where one can visit the Roman amphitheatre, theatre, baths, sanctuary and an excellent museum.

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BN 9349Helvetii, AR Denarius, fourré, 80-50 BC. 16.5 mm, 1.53 gr. [NIN]NO, head left / MA[VG] beneath boar running left. BN 9349; ABT 530 var; LaTour:-.TextImage
Castelin 375The Helvetii, Celts, Raetia. Gold Stater, 8.4 gr. Imitation of Philip II Stater. ca. 100-80 BC. Head of Apollo right / Celtic representation of horse. Castelin 375.TextImage
Castelin 905Celts, Switzerland / Raetia, the Helvetii. AE23. Double anchor pattern / Ibex or capricorn standing left, head turned right. Castelin 905; La Tour 9361.TextImage
DLT 8925vHelvetii, AV Quarter Stater, 120-80 BC. 13.5 mm, 1.70 g. Laureate head right, hair waved, the head surrounded by a wavy line / Horse and chariot with driver left; crescent-shaped wheel beneath horse; grain ear or corn-ear to left; waved border below. LaTour 8925 var; BN 8925-8926, 8928-8931.TextImage
DLT_9302cfCeltic Raetia, The Helvetii Base AV Stater. Traces of head of Apollo right / Biga right, driver above, wheel beneath horses. TextImage
HMZ 1-53Helvetii, Potin Zurcher Type. Four semi-circled connected by a central line, sometimes with a dot to right / Horned mountain goat standing left (rarely standing right), head turned back, tail raised in an S shape. HMZ 1-53.TextImage
HMZ 1-54Helvetii, Potin "La Tene" type. Male head left with three waved locks of hair / Horned celticized horse right with upright mane and raised tail, horizontal line joining its legs. HMZ 1-54.TextImage

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