Ancient Coinage of Caria, Idyma

Idyma, near modern-day Gökova in Turkey had a sea port and an Acropolis. The Necropolis and the Acropolis are on the mountain-slopes just to the north of Kozlukuyu at Gokova.
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BMC 1Idyma, Caria, AR Drachm. 15.51 mm, 3.5 gr.450-350 BC. Horned head of Pan facing / IΔYMION around fig leaf. BMC 1-5; Weber 6526; SNG von Aulock 2559-2561; SNG Fitzw 4724; Leake 1; SNG Keckman 59-60; Sear Greece 4904.TextImage
SNG Cop 420Idyma, Caria, AE10, 0.80 gr. 450-350 BC. Head of Aphrodite right, wearing sphendone / I-Δ-YM-I-O-N (IΔYMION) around a fig leaf, all within border of double lines. SNG Cop 420; Imhoof KM 1; SNG Keckman 61-63; Sear SG 4907.TextImage

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