Ancient Coinage of Cilicia, Olba

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RPC 3725Olba, Cilicia, Ajax, High Priest and Toparch. Year 1 (circa 10-13 AD). AE 20mm. Bust of Ajax wearing priest's cap, caduceus in front / Triskeles; ET A. SNG Levante 630. TextImage
RPC 3726Olba, Cilicia AE 14. Ajax, High Priest 10-15 AD. Struck AD 10/11. AΡXIEΡEΩΣ AIANTOΣ above, TEYKΡOY below, triskeles flanked by ETA (year 1) / TOΠAΡ KENNAT ΛAΛAΣ ET A, legend in four lines within dotted border. BMC Cilicia 3. TextImage
SNG France II, 844Olba, Cilicia, Civic issue, 100-1 BC. 3.82 g. Throne of Zeus placed slightly right / OΛBEΩN, Hermes, naked but for chlamys over chest and shoulders, standing left, holding purse and caduceus. SNG France II, 844; Paris 846; Waddington 4430; Staffieri Olba 43.TextImage
SNG Lev 631Olba, Cilicia, AE 18mm. Dated year 1 (10-11 AD). Ajax, high priest & toparch. Triskeles; AΡXIEΡE[ΩΣ] AIANTOΣ TENKΡON ET A / TOΠAΡX KENNAT ΛAΛAΣ A. TextImage
SNG Lev 632Olba, Cilicia, AE 21mm (7.53 gm). Dated year 2 (11-12 AD). Ajax, high priest & toparch. Head of Ajax as Hermes, in close-fitting cap right; caduceus at right / Winged thunderbolt. TextImage
SNG Lev 633Olba, Cilicia, AE 15mm (2.09 gm). Dated year 2 (11-12 AD). Ajax, high priest & toparch. Head of Ajax as Hermes, in close-fitting cap right / AIANTOΣ TENKΡON B. TextImage
SNG Lev 641corrOlba, Cilicia, M. Antonius Polemo II. Ca 17-36 AD. AE 24mm. Bare head right / Thunderbolt. TextImage
SNG Lev 645Olba, Cilicia, Circa 1st Century AD. AE 24mm. Empty throne of Zeus Olbius facing slightly right / Thunderbolt; NI above. TextImage
RPC 3724Augusts AE 22mm of Olba, Cilica. Struck by Ajax, high priest of Olba & governor of Lalassis & Cennatis, dated Year 1 = 10/11 AD. KAIΣAΡOΣ ΣEBAΣTOY, laureate head right / KENNATΩN KAI ΛAΛAΣΣEΩN around, AΡXIEΡE ΩΣ AIANTOΣ above, TΡYKΡOY TOΠAΡCOY ET A beneath winged thunderbolt. BMC 9, SNG Cop 188, SGI 103.TextImage
RPC 3731Tiberius AE24 of Olba, Cilicia. Ajax, high priest & toparch. Dated year 5 (14-15 AD). ΣEBAΣTOΣ ΣEBAΣTOY KAIΣAΡ, laureate head right / KENNATΩN KAI ΛAΛAΣΣEΩN around AΡXIEΡΩΣ AIANTOΣ TEYKΡOY TOΠAΡXOY EΠI ΔIOΔΩ, thunderbolt with date ET E at center. SNG Levante 638.TextImage
RPC 3740Nero, AE27 of Olba, Cilicia. 15.98 gr. 54-68 AD. CEBACT KAIC AYTOKΡ NEΡONA TON EYEΡΓ, laureate head right / BACIΛEYC M ANT ΠOΛEMΩN, winged caduceus between two upright serpents. RPC I 3740; SNG Levante 649; Lindgren I 1568; SNG France II, 845.TextImage
TITUS (under Vespasian)
RPC 1719Titus, AE24 of Olba, Cilicia, 23.9 mm, 11.01 g. (legend unclear) Laureate head of Vespasian or Domitian right / AYTOKΡATOΡOΣ TITOY OYEΣΠAΣIANOY, Bare head of Titus right. RPC 1719.TextImage
RPC 1720Titus & Domitian AE 24mm of Olba, Cilicia. AYTOKΡATOΡOΣ TITOY OYEΣΠAΣIANOY, bare head of Titus right / ΔOMITIANOY KAIΣAΡOΣ, bare head of Domitian left. SNGLev 651 corr.TextImage
BMC 23Antoninus Pius AE of Olba, Cilicia. AYTOKΡATΩΡ ANTΩEINOC, laureate head right / OΛBEΩN, eagle standing left on thunderbolt, head right, wings spread. BMC 23; SNG France 2 851; Waddington 4435. SGI 1483.TextImage
SNGLev 653 Antoninus Pius AE 29mm of Olba, Cilicia. Laureate & draped bust right / Artemis Phosphorus driving biga of bulls left; six-rayed stars around. SNGFr 850. TextImage
SNG Levante 654Marcus Aurelius, AE28 of Olba, Cilicia, AD 161-180. AYT KAI M AYRH ANTONINOC, bare-headed, draped bust right / OLBEWN, Dionysos, loins draped, chlamys over shoulders, standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos, panther at foot left. Staffieri Olba 49; SNG Levante 654 (this coin).TextImage
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