Ancient Coinage of Olbia, Sarmatia

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Anokhin 8Olbia, Sarmatia. late 5th Century BC. Cast AE Obol (142.56 gm). Head of Athena left, in crested Corinthian helmet; dolphin before / Four-spoked wheel; Π-A-Y-Σ in angles. TextImage
Frolova 235Olbia, Sarmatia, AE65, 4th century BC. Facing female head, wearing necklace / OΛBIH, eagle standing right on dolphin, head turned back, wings spread, palm branch above Y below. Frolova 235.TextImage
Frolova 718Olbia, Sarmatia, Black Sea. 330-250 BC. AE25. Horned head of river-god Borysthenes (Dniepr) left / OΛBIO,, bowcase and axe, Φ below. Frolova 718.TextImage
Frolova 814Olbia, Black Sea, AE24. 330-250 BC. Bearded and horned head of the river-god Dniepr left / OΛBIO legend above bowcase, bow and axe, issue mark ΦI below. Frolova 814; BMC Black Sea 469; Blaramberg 123.TextImage
Frolova 850Olbia, Sarmatia, 310-300 BC. Head of bearded river-god left / OΛBIA,, trident-labrys and bow-case. ΛA monogram below. Frolova 850.TextImage
Frolova 882Olbia, Sarmatia, AE22. 300-275 BC. Head of bearded river-god left / OΛBIO,, bowcase and axe, ΔI below. Frolova 882.TextImage
Frolova 1023Olbia, Sarmatia. AE23-23. Horned head of river-god Borysthenes (Dniepr) left / OΛBIA,, bowcase and axe, MOI below. Frolova 1023-1026.TextImage
Frolova 1040Olbia, Sarmatia. AE 21. 7.2 gr. Horned head of river-god Borysthenes (Dniepr) left / OΛBIO,, bow in bowcase and axe, HP monogram below. Frolova 1040; GIM 1232.TextImage
Frolova 2249Olbia, Black Sea, AE20mm, 4.2g. Laureate head of Zeus right, countermark: caduceus / OΛBIO-ΠOΛEITEΩN above and beneath eagle standing left, wings spread. ΘQ-EY across fields, ΠA monogram in left field. Frolova 2249; Blarmamberg Coll. 42.TextImage
Mionnet 16Olbia, Sarmatia. AE18. Head of Demeter right crowned with grain ears / / OΛBIO BΣE above and beneath eagle with closed wings, standing right on dolphin which it attacks with its beak. Mionnet Supp. II, 16; Sestini 47; SNG Black Sear:-; BMC:-.TextImage
SNG BMC 358Olbia, Scythia, AR stater, Dynast Eminakos, ca. 450-425 BC., 11.50g. [EMINAK]O , Herakles, naked and wearing lionskin headdress, kneeling right, stringing a bow / Four-spoked studded wheel of ‘solar-disk’ design, four dolphins swimming around, all within incuse square. SNG BM Black Sea 358; SNG Stancomb 342; Rosen 147; Jameson 2536.TextImage
SNG BMC 360Olbia, Sarmatia. c5th-4th Century BC. AE 30mm. Leaping dolphin with a dorsal spine. TextImage
SNG BMC 361Olbia, Sarmatia. 5th Century BC. Cast AE 29mm. Leaping dolphin with dorsal spine. TextImage
SNG BMC 362Olbia, Sarmatia. Circa 5th Century BC. Cast AE 42mm. Dolphin left with raised spine / Dolphin right with raised spine. TextImage
SNG BMC 362Olbia, Sarmatia. Circa 5th Century BC. Cast AE 42x12mm. Dolphin with raised spine / Similar. SNG Stancombe 334. TextImage
SNG BMC 367Olbia, Sarmatia. Circa 5th-4th Century BC. AE 30mm Dolphin. Leaping dolphin with a bulbous tail, protruding eye. TextImage
SNG BMC 369Olbia, Sarmatia. Late 5th-4th Century BC. AE Cast 27mm Dolphin with fin; Q Y on reverse. TextImage
SNG BMC 373Olbia, Sarmatia. 5th Century BC. Cast AE 28mm. Leaping dolphin; QU on flat reverse. TextImage
SNG BMC 376Olbia, Sarmatia. Cast AE26mm, Late 5th-4th C. BC. Leaping dolphin with dorsal spine; APIX:O on flat reverse. TextImage
SNG BMC 376cfOlbia, Sarmatia Cast AE 43mm. Late 5th to 4th Century BC. Dolphin right / Flat with APIXO. TextImage
SNG BMC 387Olbia. 450-400. Cast AE 28mm. Gorgoneion / Wheel, A-P-I-X in corners. SNG Stancomb 344. TextImage
SNG BMC 389vSarmatia. Olbia. Later 5th-4th Century BC. AE Cast 28mm. Facing Gorgoneion / APIX within wheel. TextImage
SNG BMC 390ffOlbia, Sarmatia. 400-350 BC. AE 63mm. Facing female head in necklace / OΛBIH, eagle standing left, head reverted. TextImage
SNG BMC 396Olbia, Sarmatia. 400-350 BC. Cast AE 36mm. Gorgoneion / Eagle standing left on dolphin. SNG BMC Black Sea 396-399; SNG Stancomb 346. TextImage
SNG BMC 396ffOlbia. 400-350. Cast AE 35mm. Gorgoneion / Eagle standing left on dolphin. SNG Stancomb 346. TextImage
SNG BMC 382Olbia, Sarmatia. Circa 400-350 BC. AE Cast 66mm, Aes Leve. Gorgoneion / Eagle flying right, holding dolphin; APIX around. Thurlow & Vecchi pl. 1. TextImage
SNG BMC 418Olbia, AE8, 1.07 gr. ca 350-330 BC. Laureate head of Apollo right / OΛBIO, beneath dolphin swimming right, barley corn at top left. SNG BM Black Sea 418.TextImage
SNG BMC 550Olbia, Sarmatia, AV hemidrachm, ca. 330-300 BC. 12mm, 2.12 g. Head of Demeter left, wreathed with corn / OΛ beneath dolphin swimming left. SNG BMC Black Sea 550; Anokhin, Black Sea, 121.TextImage
SNG BMC 633 Thrace, Olbia. AE. 200-150BC, Laureate head of Apollo right, (Countermark on face)/ Lyre. TextImage
SNG BMC 664Olbia, Sarmatia, c. 150 BC. AE13mm, 2.42g. Helmeted head of Athena right / Owl standing right. SNG BM Black Sea 664-5.TextImage
SNG Cop71Dolphin-shaped coin, 0.95 gm. Two-sided fish with large eyes and fin, no tail. TextImage
Sear 1684Olbia, Thrace-Sarmatia, AE Dolphin, 26mm-28mm, c. 250 BC. Bold dolphin shape, with eye in relief.TextImage
Sear 1685Olbia, Thrace-Sarmatia. AE22, 310-280 BC. 10.24 g. Horned bearded river-god Borysthenes left. / OΛBIO, Bow in case; above axe; KI monogram above. SNG Cop.85var (monog.); Sear SG 1685; BMC 10; SNG BM Black Sea 467.TextImage
Frolova 2682Julia Domna AE21 of Olbia, Sarmatia. ΔOMNA AYΓOYCTA, draped bust right / OΛBIOΠOΛEITΩN, B (to left), eagle standing half right, head left. Frolova 2682. TextImage
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