Ancient Coinage of Phrygia, Prymnessos

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Aulock 949Prymnessos, Phrygia, AE 23, quasi-autonomous issue. 238-268 AD. 5.74g, 23mm. IEΡA BOYΛH, laureate, draped bust of Boule right / ΠΡYMNHCCEΩN, clasped hands. Aulock Phrygien 949; SNG Cop 664.TextImage
Aulock 951-954Prymnessos, Phrygia. AE22, semi-autonomous issue. AD 238. 5.39 g. IEΡOC ΔHMOC, bare-headed, draped bust of Demos right / ΠΡYMNHCCEΩN, Kybele seated left, holding patera, two lions at her sides. Aulock Phrygien 2 951-954; Waddington 6419; Lindgren III 610.TextImage
BMC 8Phrygia, Prymnessos, 20mm, 4.59g. ΔHMOC; laureate head of Demos right / ΠΡYMNHCCEΩN, Zeus seated on throne left, holding Nike and sceptre. Aulock Phrygien 2, 916-919; Waddington 6418; BMC 8.TextImage
SNGCop 663Prymnessos, Phrygia, Imperial times, 240-260 AD. AE 24. Draped bust of King Midas right, wearing Phrygian cap / Dikaiosyne standing left, holding scales and sceptre. von Aulock, Phrygiens 955/962 (obv./rev.); SNG Copenhagen 663.TextImage
SNGvA 3937Prymnessos, Phrygia, semi-autonomous, Severan times, AE27, 193-211 AD. BOYΛH, laureate and draped bust of Boule right / ΠΡYMNHCCEΩN, Dikaiosyne (Aequitas), standing left, holding scales. von Aulock, Phrygiens II, 873ff; SNG von Aulock 3937.TextImage
VonAulock 902Prymnessos, Phrygia, AE 25, semi-autonomous coinage, 193-220 AD, Severan period. IEΡA CYNKΛHTOC, laureate, draped bust of young Senate right / ΠΡYMNHCCEΩN, Kybele seated left, kalathos on head, right hand outstretched over a lion sitting to her right, left arm resting on a tympanum. Von Aulock, Phrygien II, 113, 902; SNG von Aulock 3935.TextImage
RPC 3207Nero, AE20 of Prymnessos, Phrygia. 63-68 AD. NEΡΩNA KAIΣAΡA ΠΡYMNHΣΣEIΣ, laureate head right / EΠI TI IOYΛIOY ΠΡOKΛOY, Dikaiosyne standing left, holding scales and two corn-ears. RPC I 3207; von Aulock 2308.TextImage

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