Ancient Coinage of Gaul, Cabellio

Cabellio, a Roman town of Gallia Narbonensis, possibly founded by Lepidus; present day Cavaillon, in Provence, Southwestern France.

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DLT_3563Gaul, Southwestern France, Cabellio. Ca. 5023 BC. 14 x 18 mm (1.76 gm). COL, helmeted head right, wreath border / CABE, head of Apollo right, wreath border. BMC Celtic 242 (obverse & reverse switched); S214; RPC I 529; SNG Copenhagen 685-6. TextImage
RPC 528
Lepidus AR Obol of Gaul, Cabellio. 44-42 BC. CABE, head of Apollo right / LE-PI, cornucopiae within wreath. SNG Copenhagen 684 TextImage
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