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The Volcae Tectosages ("The people which seeks a roof") split from the German Volcae (which became the Volcae Arecomici). Some of them fought for the Carthagians during the Punic wars before settling in Asia Minor, founding Galatia. The majority of them migrated in the 3rd c. BC from the Danube area (Hercynia Silva of Germany) to Aquitania and settled on the west bank of the Arauris. Their capital was Tolosa (Toulouse).
BMC 2662Celtic Gaul, Volcae Arecomici. AE unit. 15-16 mm. 1.44 g. Type "au Demos" 70-30 BC. (VOLCA to left of) Diademed Head of Artemis (Diana) right; wreath before head. / AREC to right of male figure, Demos, standing left, upright palm branch to left. BMC 2662; Scheers, Dan., 25; Scheers Lyon, 93-98; Castelin 109-110; Blanchet II, 475; DeLaTour 2677.TextImage
Cast 89Celtic Tribes of Gaul Volcae Tectosages. AR Monnaies a la Croix. 13.69 mm. 3.21 gr. 80-20 BC. Sylized Celtic bust left / Cross dividing coin into four quarters, axe and bow case in one of the quarters, pellet in other three quarters. Cast 89.TextImage
CCCBM 74Celtic Gaul, The Volcae Arecomici (?), AR drachm, c. 50 BC, Negroid head left / Cross with symbols in quarters. TextImage
Depeyrot 142Celtic, Southern Gaul. Volcae-Arecomici. Circa 77-44 BC. AE15. Diademed head of Artemis right; VO[LCAE] behind, wreath before / Male figure standing left; palm to left, [A]REC to right. Depeyrot, NC I, 142; CCCBM III 215-30.TextImage
DLT 2621Volcae Tectosages. AR denarius. ca 60 BC. Stylised laureate head left / VOL above horse galloping left, wheel below. DeLaTour 2621; Hostun hoard 9d in RBN 1882; Paris 2620-2617.TextFull Size
DLT 2986Celtic, Southwestern Gaul, Monnaies à la Croix AR Drachm. Type attributed to the Volcae Arecomici (oppidum Nemausus). Head left with Negroid features & hair rising in a series of “hooks” from top of head / Cross with one ring & three pellets in angles, crescents enclosing each quadrant. BMC Celtic S129, Castelin 79, Dessewffy 578. TextImage
DLT 3132Gallia Narbonensis, South-East Gaul. Volcae Tectosages (Reg. Toulouse, Herault). 2,84 g. AR Drachm, square flan, Cubist head type. Late 2nd C. BC. Head left, two dolphins before / Cross formed by broad lines, axe and circle with crescent in lower quadrants, barley corn or sling shot and crescent in upper quadrants. LT 3132. Savès, Les monnaies gauloises "à la croix" (1976), cf. Nr. 11.Text

DLT 3351Celtic Southern Gaul. Volcae Tectosages. ca 60-25 BC. AR 10 mm, 0.5 g. Celticized male head right. / Cross with three crescents and an axe in the quarters. DeLaTour 3351.TextImage
Mionnet 200Gaul: The Volcae Tectosages (??). c. 100 BC. Silver Quinarius (?), 14 x 11mm (2.22 gm). Blank (usually bearded head right) / Running horse. Mionnet I, 200. TextFull Size
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