Ancient Coinage of Ionia, Chios

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BMC 2Chios, Ionia, AR stater. 545-500 BC. sphinx sitting left, amphora before, surmounted by a bunch of grapes / Quadripartite incuse square. BMC 2-4; Sear 4593.TextImage
BMC 12Chios, Ionia AR Didrachm. Circa 431-412 BC. sphinx sitting left, amphora before; all within wreath / Quadripartite incuse square. Baldwin 11. TextImage
BMC 41Ionian Islands Chios 3rd Century B.C. AE 16 mm. sphinx sitting left / Vine-wreath encircling two bands placed crosswise. TextImage
BMC 54-55Chios, Ionia, AR Drachm 19 mm, 4 g. 133-84 BC. Magistrate Derkylos. Sphinx sitting left, bunch of grapes to left. / XIOΣ ΔEΡKYΛOΣ, amphora; cornucopiae in outer lef field. BMC 54-55; SNG von Aulock 2278-2279; SNG Post 252; SNG Cop 1562; de Luynes 2675-2676; SNG Lockett 2865; SNG Leipzig 1216; Dewing 2326-2329.TextImage
BMC 105Chios, Ionia, 84-30 BC. Magistrate Asmenos. 2.87 gr. Sphinx sitting left, aplustre in left field / XIOC ACMENOC ACMENOC, amphora. RPC I 2424; BMC 105; Hunter 50-51; Lindgren I 584; SNG Cop 1636-1637; SNG von Aulock 2280; Sear Greece 4610 var (magistrate).TextImage
BMC 114Chios, Ionia, AE Dichalkon. 14mm, 1.8g. 1-150 AD. XI-Ω-N, Sphinx sitting left, forepaw raised / ΔIXA-ΛKON, amphora with pointed lower end, dotted border. BMC Ionia 114; Mionnet 3, 114.TextImage
BMC 119Chios, AE32 3 Assaria, ACCAΡIA TΡIA, Sphinx sitting left. / EΠI AΡX ΠΡEIMOY ΔIC around, XIΩN below, Apollo and Dionysos standing facing each other to left and right of altar, crescent between them. BMC 119. TextImage
BMC 128Chios, Ionia, AE24 3 Assaria, 150-268 AD. 7.35 gr. AΣAΡIA TΡIA, Sphinx sitting right, left front paw raised, prow below / EΠ AΡX XΡYΣOΓONOY TOY EΠ AΦΡOΔEITOY, Amphora between two grain ears. BMC 128; Paris 5137; Weber 6283.TextImage
BMC 133Chios, Ionia, AE24, 2 Assaria, Roman Times, ACCAΡIA around, ΔVΩ below, sphinx sitting right / EΠ AΡ AY XΡY XOΓONOYCI around, Ω-N across fields, round bodied amphora. BMC 133. TextImage
Baldwin 36Ionia, Islands off. Chios. Circa 460-440 BC. AR Didrachm. sphinx sitting left; grapes and amphora before / Quadripartite incuse square. TextImage
Baldwin 98bChios, Ionia AR Tetradrachm. ca 375-350 BC. Heridanos, magistrate. sphinx sitting left, amphora surmounted by grape-bunch before / Quadripartite incuse square, HΡIΔANOΣ across horizontal band; vertical striations within each quarter. Weber 6257. TextImage
CNG 61, 718Ionia, Islands off, Chios AR Tetradrachm. ca 412-350 BC. sphinx sitting left, amphora surmounted by grape-bunch before / Quadripartite incuse square, ΘEOKTHMΩN across horizontal band; vertical striations within each quarter. TextImage
61A var
Chios, Ionia, AR didrachm, 10.78 gr. Ca. 260-240 BC. Magistrate Aggeliskos. Sphinx with curled wing, seated left on ground line, bunch of grapes to left, all within border of dots / Wine amphora, XIOΣ downwards on left, AΓΓEΛIΣKOΣ downwards on right, all within vine-wreath with alternate leaves and tendrils. Mavrogordato in NC 1916 61A var (tetradrachm); Svoronos in JIAN 1909, 2 var (ditto).TextImage
RPC 2415Chios, Ionia under Antiochos IV of Commagene, 38-72 AD, AR Drachm. Reduced Attic standard. Phesi-, magistrate. ca 60 AD. ΦHΣI beneath sphinx sitting left, holding wreath / Amphora within wreath. SNG Cop 1629. TextImage
SNGCop 1545Chios, Ionia. c. 478-431 BC. Silver Half Stater, 13mm (3.46 gm). sphinx sitting left, amphora to left / Quadripartite incuse square. TextImage
SNGCop 1586Ionia, Islands off. Chios. 190-84 BC. AE 17mm. sphinx sitting right, grapes before / XIOΣ AΣΠAΣ, Amphora, corn ear to left. TextImage
SNG Cop 1621Ionia, Chios. 190-84 B.C. AE 10 mm. sphinx sitting left / Amphora. TextImage
SNG Cop 1631Chios, Ionia. 84-30 BC. Magistrate Aristokles. Sphinx, wearing polos, sitting right, left front foot on prow / XIOΣ AΡIΣTO-KΛHΣ to left and right, amphora. Mavrogordato 75A in NC 1917; SNG Cop 1631.TextImage
SNG Cop 1645Chios, Ionia, Pseudo-autonomous issue. AE obol, ca 100 AD. 9.80 g. OBOΛOΣ, Sphinx sitting right, placing front paw on prow / XIΩN, naked hero standing facing holding staff or spear, helmet at foot left. SNG Cop. 1645; SNG von Aulock 2281.TextImage
SNG Cop 1651Chios, Ionia. Pseudo-autonomous issue. 1st-2nd centuries AD. AE Assarion 22mm, 6.28 g. sphinx sitting right, raising forepaw; bunch of grapes to right / Chian amphora between two stars. SNG Copenhagen 1651.TextImage
SNG Cop 1669Chios & Erythrae, Alliance Issue, AE20, (4.35g) Time of Gallienus, 253-268 AD, ΔHMOC XIΩN, Head of Demos right, oval countermark on chin of Great God reclining, spearhead to left. / XIΩN [EΡY]ΘΡAIΩN OMONIOIA, Herakles striding right, brandishing club in right hand, left hand outstretched. SNG Fitz. 4493; Hunter 71; SNG Tuebingen 3271; Kurth Demos 861. TextImage
SNG Del 2686Chios, Ionia, AR Drachm. Ca 2nd Century BC. sphinx sitting left; grapes before / ΔEΡKYΛOΣ XIOΣ amphora, cornucopiae to left. SNG Lockett 2865, Weber 6270, Dewing 2329. TextImage
SNG vA 2275Chios, Ionia. Circa 431-412 BC. AR Drachm. sphinx sitting left; grapes & amphora in front / Quadripartite granulated incuse square. TextImage
SNG vA 2285Chios, Ionia, AE32, civic issue, 84-14 BC. ACCAΡIA TΡIA, sphinx sitting right, left paw raised over prow / X-I Ω-N across fields, Apollo standing front, holding patera, and Dionysos, standing front, holding kantharos and thyrsos. Altar between them. Mavrogordato 111 in NC 1918; Paris 5157; SNG von Aulock 2285.TextImage
Traite 1964Chios, Ionia AR Tetradrachm. Circa 412-350 BC. Skymnos, magistrate. sphinx sitting left, amphora surmounted by grape-bunch before / Quadripartite incuse square, ΣKYMNOΣ across horizontal band; vertical striations within each quarter. Baldwin 95. TextImage
Winterthur 3237Chios, Ionia, AE 2 Assaria, Pseudo-autonomous issue, 3rd c. AD. 5.83 g. ACARIA DUW, Sphinx sitting right, head turned back, front paw on amphora / EΠ AΡ AY XΡYCOΓONOY XIΩN, naked warrior standing facing, holding staff or spear. Winterthur 3237.TextImage
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