Ancient Coinage of Boeotia

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Sear SG 1779
Boeotia, Thebes. ca 510 BC. AR Drachm. Boeotian shield / Mill-sail incuse. BMC 1, SNG Copenhagen 241. TextImage
Sear SG 1785
Boeotia, Thebes AR Stater. Circa 500-480 BC. Boeotian shield; rim divided into twelve segments / Mill-sail incuse; archaic Θ in centre. BMC 6, SNG Cop 249. TextImage
BMC 30Boeotia, Federal Coinage. c378-338 BC. AR Hemidrachm. Boeotian shield / BO-IΩ, kantharos; thunderbolt above. TextImage
BMC 31Boeotia, Federal Coinage. c378-338 BC. AR Hemidrachm. Boeotian shield / BO-IΩ, kantharos; club above. TextImage
BMC 32Boeotia, Federal Coinage. c378-338 BC. AR Hemidrachm. Boeotian shield / BO-I, kantharos; club above. TextImage
BMC 48Boeotia, Federal Coinage, AR Stater. 338-315 BC. Boeotian shield / Amphora with full fluting; BO-IΩ across field, bow above. SNGCop 167v. TextImage
BMC 49Boeotia Federal Coinage. ca 338-315 BC. AR Stater. Boeotian shield / Amphora; BO left, IW right, dolphin above. SNG Copenhagen 167. TextImage
BMC 55
Sear SG 2396
Boeotia, AR Hemidrachm. Thespiae mint (?), 338-315 BC. Boeotian shield / kantharos, club above, BO to left, I and crescent to right. SNG Copenhagen 176-177, BMC 55.TextImage
BMC 63Boeotia, Thebes, Confederate coinage AR Tetradrachm. Circa 288-244 BC. Laureate head of Zeus right / BOI-ΩTΩN, Poseidon seated left, holding dolphin in extended right hand, trident in left; Boeotian shield ornament on throne. TextImage
BMC 64Boeotia, AE19, 7.9 gr. 288-244 BC. Helmeted head of Athena right / BOIΩTΩN, trophy of arms. BMC 64-65; Sear Greek 2410.TextImage
BMC 77Boeotia. Federal Coinage, AR Drachm, ca 250 BC. 5.09g, 18mm. Head of Demeter facing three-quarters to right, wreathed with corn / BOIΩTΩN, Poseidon standing facing, head right, holding trident and dolphin. AH monogram over Boeotian shield to right. BMC 77; BCD 95.TextImage
BMC 78Thebes, Boeotia, AR Drachm. Circa 244-197 BC. Three-quarter facing head of Persephone, slightly right, wreathed with corn-ears / BOIΩTΩN, Poseidon, naked, standing right, holding trident and dolphin, KΔΩ monogram and Boeotian shield to right. BMC 78.TextImage
BMC 79Boeotia, Federal coinage, AR Drachm. ca. 250 BC. Head of Demeter or Kore three-quarters right, wreathed with grain & in necklace / BOIΩTΩN, Poseidon standing right, holding dolphin & resting on trident, ΔE monogram above round shield in right field. Winterthur 1931, Pozzi 1452, SNGCop 383. TextImage
BMC 81Boeotia, AE17, federal issue. ca 220 BC. 3.37 g. Head of Demeter or Kore, wreathed with corn, facing slightly right. / BOIΩTΩN, Poseidon, naked, standing left, resting right foot on rock and leaning on trident. BMC 81; BCD Boiotia 102 (this coin); SNG Cop 384.TextImage
BMC 99Boeotia Federal coinage AR Drachm. ca 225171 BC. Laureate head of Poseidon right / BOIΩTΩN, Nike standing left, crowning ethnic & resting on trident, AN monogram in inner left field. McClean 5618, SNG Cop 387. TextImage
BMC 103Boeotia, Federal Coinage AR Drachm. ca 225-171 BC. Laureate head of Poseidon right, border of dots / BOIΩTΩN, Nike standing left, clad in chiton, holding wreath and trident, EYA monogram in inner left field. McClean 5620. TextImage
SNGCop 168Boeotia, Federal Coinage. Circa 338-315 BC. AR Stater. Boeotian shield / BO-IΩ across fields, Amphora, grapes above. BMC -. TextImage
SNGCop 170Boeotian Federal Mint, 338-315 BC, AR Hemidrachm. Boeotian shield / Amphora within incuse square. TextImage
SNGCop 173Boeotia, Federal Coinage, AR Hemidrachm. Boeotian Shield / Kantharos, B-OI to sides, ivy leaf to right. TextImage
SNGCop 368Boeotia, Federal Coinage. Circa 379-338 BC. AE 13mm. Head of Herakles right in lionskin / Club; thyrsos above, AΓEI (magistrate) below. TextImage
SNGCop 375Boeotia AE13. 315-288 BC. Boeotian shield / Trident and dolphin. BMC 108-111. TextImage
SNGCop 392Boeotia, Confederate coinage, AR Drachm. ca 196-146 BC. Wreathed head of Poseidon right / BOIΩTΩN Nike standing left; to left, monogram above X. BMC 101 corr. TextImage
SNGCop 392cfBoeotian League AR Drachm. 196-146 BC. Laureate head of Poseidon right / Nike standing left, holding wreath & trident, ANOE monogram above crab(?) in left field. BMC 101cf. TextImage
Kopai (Copae)