Ancient Coinage of Cyprus, Marion

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BMC 1Marion, Cyprus. Sasmai/Sasamarios. Ca 470-450 BC. AR Stater 24mm, 10.61 g. Lion standing right, licking its right foreleg; Boeotian shield above, sa–sa–ma–o to-ka-ro-to-sa ("Sasamarios, son of Doxandros") in Cypriote above, floral pattern below / Phrixos standing left, clinging to the back of a ram standing left; ma–ri–eu–se ("of Marion") in Cypriote on left and below, Boeotian shield below; all within incuse square. BMC 1; Traité II 1366.TextImage
BMC 19Marium, Cyprus, AE16. Diademed head of Apollo left / Ankh in wreath. TextImage
DeLuynes 9 varMarium, Cyprus, AR triobol. Stasoikos II, ca. 320 BC, Head of Zeus left / Head of Aphrodite right, three dots below chin. Cf. de Luynes, Cyprus Pl. V, 9 (gold). TextImage
Imhoof MG 87Marion, Cyprus. AE Dichalkous. 4-3 c. BC. 2.31 g. Head of Aphrodite right, hair in a bun / BA and two Cypriote syllables above winged thunderbolt, MAΡIEYΣ below. Imhoof MG 87; Six ("Classement"), p. 346, 10; BMC pl. XX, 18; Traite II-2 1345 var ("MAΡIE").TextImage
Traite 1337Marion, Cyprus. Stasioikos II, 315-312 BC. AV Triobol. 2.02 g. Laureate head of Zeus left / Head of Aphrodite right, MA behind head. Six ("Classement"), p. 344, 3; BMC Pl. XX, 10; Traité II-2 1337.TextImage
Traite 1344Marion, Cyprus. AR Obol. Struck under Stasioikos II, 330-312 BC. 0.57 g. Laureate head of Apollo left / Ankh formed by V in circle and Cypriote "pa". Traite II-2 1344.TextImage
Sear SG 5762Marion, Cyprus, AR diobol. Bearded head of Zeus right / Head of Aphrodite right. Sear SG 5762; BMC 51.TextImage
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